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Parent denied marriage as boy from USA is already married (but he is not)


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    shona2292 is offline Just in!

    Parent denied marriage as boy from USA is already married (but he is not)

    My name is ria. I am in love with a guy <NAME REMOVED FOR PRIVACY>. We belong to the same caste and everything. He was actually a proposal for me. He lives in the US. My parents never gave a thought about my marriage but i had told my mom I am in contact with him. Eventually I made my mom also to message him... just to make her feel that yes he was the right one for me. She felt that and told about all this to my dad. My dad was fine with it and my mom spoke to his mom and they were like letís see the kundali and all. I spoke to his mom and everything seemed fine. But the next day my mom made an enquiry about him in my native, and I believe those people have told my mom that he is already married. My mom without even a second thought called his mom and denied the proposal. She told his mom that I wanted to study and called it off... but the real reason was she believed what people said that he was already married. At the same time she called me up and told me not to be in contact with him. But itís not that easy because I knew there were such rumors about him. He had told me this. But I had thought this wonít make a difference as he was genuine. My mom had warned me not to tell him the real reason why my parents rejected because it would lead to a big fight and all that. But I did tell him and he denied being married. He spoke to my mom but my mom scolded him and told him not to message me or her. Later to prove he is not married he sent all his latest documents like visa passport LIC with the nominee list. He even made me speak with some of his friends even his manager and his roommate. I did show the documents to my mom. But my mom just believes the people. I tried convincing but she is just thinking about what others saying. I truly love him a lot and he does too. I just donít know what to do.

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    Shourya Sharma
    Shourya Sharma is offline Newbie
    Hi Ria,

    I think you should not give up and wait for some solution, may be there are ways which can turn things in your favour. If you believe he is not married then I am sure sooner or later, even your parents will accept it. Our prayers are with you.

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    Aarish Rizvi's Avatar
    Aarish Rizvi
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    I don't think it is strong reason, if he is really not married then should not be hard to prove it. May be you should just stay calm and think for way to convince your parents about his marriage status.

    Btw, what is wrong with those native do they have any proof ? what if the people your Mother inquired hates family of this boy for some reasons. You know there are many people around you those just hate your family, or are not friends of your family. I think better find what they said to your Mom, why they said to your Mom and who they are. And then talk to your boy, prepare yourself and if possible, ask your boy to discuss with your family.

    Don't say that they are coming for the "Rishta" or proposal, simply they can say they are coming to meet and to clear doubts. Marriage proposal things is secondary. I think its not wrong to clarify things like gentlemen. Hopefully your family will also agree , but just don't take out your guns and do it, take time and do proper preparations.

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    Shourya Sharma
    Shourya Sharma is offline Newbie
    Thanks for your suggestion Aarish, I also agree with your suggestion. I think first you should talk to your parents so that they will ready meet his parents once to clear all the doubts regarding that boy. I am sure they never wanted to give up your idea.

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    shona2292 is offline Just in!
    Thank you so much!
    But i did try talking to my mom about it, but she does not even want to listen a word about him. Its difficult but yes not possible, because i know i am right.

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