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Family Politics


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    Family Politics

    Does the family politics sounds good in Tamilnadu?
    Useless Alagiri who's a gunda/rowdy is an mp now? He doen't know even how to speak in media for the questions they shoot him..
    Stalin has become the Deputy CM but his span of politics is very less when compared to Anbazhagan, is this fair??
    Have they won the election legally??

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    Re: Family Politics

    hahaha well nice question.. first of all why there is no eligiblity criteria for Becoming candidate for election..

    Also the Eligibility criteria should include norms that The Candidate should be for certain age i.e less then 45.. then his education qualification level should be to at least graduation level, they must have skills to read, write hindi and also good communication skills.. They must have no police records of their entire life.

    If these norms are really strict then only good and ppl who have capability will come and run our country or else this is going to happen...
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    Re: Family Politics

    Where the whole family involve in politics then it is very difficult to live for people of that area because they do anything who going against them. This is like "JANGAL RAAJ".

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    Re: Family Politics

    very true humalayan...
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