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How to file Consumer Complaints in Consumer Forum & Courts


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    Ricky is offline eTI Silver

    How to file Consumer Complaints in Consumer Forum & Courts

    If you are going to file consumer complaint then you should see following links first, they will provide you required details and information.

    NOTE: But before filing complains make sure you consider following facts:
    • Make sure whatever complain you have is sound and take time to think about all facts regarding the dispute or complaint.
    • Present it politely: this elicits co-operation and don't make it out of haste.
    • Preserve cash memos and warranty card.
    • With these, first approach the retailer. He may have a valid explanation.
    • If he is not supporting, write to the manufacturer, quoting No. and date of cash Memo, No.and date of Cash Memo No. and date of Warranty card.
    • Retain all originals. Keep copies of your letters.
    • In case of suspected Food and drug adulteration, write to the State health authority. Retain samples where possible.
    • If products with ISI/AGMark certification perform poorly,write to the respective agency. ISI certification guarantees replacement.
    • If there is no response then move to regional consumer forum or consult the links and details provided later in this POST.
    • Never give up if your complaint is valid. Stand your ground.
    • If regional consumer forum is unable to get your complaint redressed, you may complain to your District Consumer Disputes Redressal Forum if your compensation claim is below Rs.5 Lakhs;to the State Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission if your claim is between Rs.5 Lakhs and Rs.20 Lakhs. If your claim exceeds this amount you will have to refer your complaints to the National Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission at New Delhi.

    Consumer Online Resource & Empowerment Center

    Excerpts from site:
    The CORE Centre only deals with complaints related to Consumer Disputes and whosoever makes payment for any product or service obtained through any agreement or promise is a consumer. It is, as such clarified that complaints related only to Consumer Disputes may be sent to the CORE Centre.

    In case of complaints involving meager amount or petty nature (unless it is a policy matter), it is suggested that local officers/agencies may be contacted. The Core Centre, however, is always available to guide and provide you complete information and legal advice related to Consumer disputes.

    Once you have decided to lodge your complaint with us all you have to do is to simply select the head under which your complaint would fall. For example, if you wish to register a complaint about a defective television set all you have to do is to select the box marked 'Product'. Then choose 'Television' from the sub category given below. Remember, the first 2 options are mandatory without which you will not be able to lodge your complaint with us!

    Go here to File your Complaint Online:

    Visit the HOME Page: http://www.ccccore.co.in/

    National Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission

    If you wish to file a complaint exclusively against a government department/ministry then apart of using above site can also Lodge your complaint to Dept. of Administrative Reforms & Public Grievances.

    There are lots of details provide there, you should go through them and decide which is best action required.

    Alternatively you can directly submit your complaint here :

    It took lots of time and effort to compile above information, if you find it helping then please stop by and give valuable comment. Also: If you have any correction or suggestion for above information then please do let me know, I will be more than happy to make the changes here.

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    sunidhi is offline eTI Aluminium

    Re: How to file Consumer Complaints in Consumer Forum & Courts

    ohhh good article dude.. surely will help lots of ppl..
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    Ricky is offline eTI Silver

    Re: How to file Consumer Complaints in Consumer Forum & Courts

    Thank you Sunidhi for you comments.

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    Re: How to file Consumer Complaints in Consumer Forum & Courts

    Thanks For Details Imformation
    Good Post

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    Farida H B's Avatar
    Farida H B
    Farida H B is offline eTI Iron
    This information is very helpful. I am facing an issue where I have paid for a full year in advance to Br Batras for my son, but left his medication because it was unable to cure my son who I feel was getting worse by its use. Now the time has come to take some action on them and thats what I am about to do tomorrow.
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    Prabhat Shankar
    Prabhat Shankar is offline Just in!

    I had also problem with my spice mobile and I have just loged complaint in consumer court and waiting for reply.

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    Ravinder Oberoi
    Ravinder Oberoi is offline eTI Aluminium
    Hi Prabhat Shankar !!!

    I ma sorry to read that you had to go the court to get your problem rectified...Trust me if you have a genuine problem it will be resolved and appropriate direction will be given by the court....

    But if you don't mind can you share your what problem you encountered in your Spice handset

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    Unregistered Guest
    If the amount in 1000 then how can we lodge a complaint and where it can be resolved

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    Gmail wala Guest
    Hi There!!!!

    Consumer complain can be lodged against anyone and anywhere irrespective of amounts... Be it a small amount or a hefty amount....

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