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A victim of admancy


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    A victim of admancy

    I am a software engineer working for an MNC in Noida (india). I am facing problems in my love life.Despite sharing same religion
    and caste and myself employed and having a good salary. girl's father is not being agree for our marraige.he is also creating pshycological pressure over her
    .I tried to persuade him but the man is just not talking to anybody from my side. My girlfriend is facing a very difficult time as they continuously pressurize her and even
    call bad names to her at home.
    I am not wromg anywhere but a man's adamant behaviour is costing my life.
    Is it that even in 2007, we cannot marry with our choice ???
    Please help..........

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    Re: A victim of admancy

    It is just a hard time. Things shall get settled soon.

    May be his father had some plan for her girl, may be he wanted to get her married to someone he has already selected. May be your image in front of him is not good. Sometimes fathers / parents have a misunderstanding about the girl's boyfriend that the guy is actually a flirt. Not suitable, irresponsible.

    And the way around is to look help from girl's mother. Usually mothers are closer to girls than father so I think here too she agrees to your relation as she loves her daughter.

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