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what is love?


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    divinds is offline Just in!

    what is love?

    it is the feeling which cannot be defined but only be felt

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    jigs is offline eTI Iron

    Re: what is love?

    Some say it's mysterious, magical, complex, difficult, imaginary, thought-provoking, inspirational, intuitional, joyous, immeasurable, ecstasy, and undefinable.

    "Love is a feeling directed at someone which acknowledges their goodness."

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    sunidhi is offline eTI Aluminium

    Re: what is love?

    love is not so simple to it is felt.. it is complex to it takes time to understand it...its not every ones cupt of tea so cannot happen to every one.. its not tht cheap so every one cannot buy..
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    himalayan is offline eTI Member

    Re: what is love?

    Definition of Love is different from almost every person.

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    sunidhi is offline eTI Aluminium

    Re: what is love?

    yeah .. common friends .. share ur opinion about love with me.. please..
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    azharmaulavi is offline eTI Iron

    Re: what is love?

    "Pyar Dosti Hai" a very famous dialogue and indeed a very true statement...........
    "Smile always u never know who is falling in love with ur Smile..........wid love...........AJ"

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    nupur. is offline eTI Copper

    Re: what is love?

    Love is feeling everybody says But for me Love is a best moment of your life which u spend with your loved ones


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    Unregistered Guest

    Red face i love u

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    donpp is offline Just in!
    Love so something which makes u to feel the world is in ur hands........a beautiful feeling,a caring towards a person....so romantic just feel it don't ignore it..

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    Ricky is offline eTI Silver
    Welcome Donpp to eTI and your words about love!
    Hope to see more nice words from you!

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