I am providing here Recap of Heroes Season 4 Episode 1 for those who may want to know about it. It was showed / aired TV originally on 21/09/2009.


Heroes are trying to find ways to cope with recent events. Some (Claire, Matt) trying to find normality and others (Hiro, Ando, Peter) trying to use their abilities to do good. Angela worries about Sylar, and a new threat arrives in the form of a mysterious carnival.

Claire's attempt to start over at college hits a major snag when she discovers that her roommate has committed suicide - or did she? Living the lonely bachelor life in D.C. and struggling to find purpose, H.R.G. offers to help Tracy get her life back by having the Haitian wipe all memory of her from Danko's mind. Tracy proceeds to Danko's apartment, only to witness his murder at the hands of Edgar, acting on behest of a very unusual carnival ringmaster, Samuel. Meanwhile, Matt has reunited with Janice and their son in Los Angeles, and got his old job back as an LAPD detective. The only problem is, Sylar has resurfaced in Matt's head, and he wants his body back - now!

Ando has been in love with Hiro's sister Kimiko forever, but she hates him with a passion, and thinks Hiro's new Dial-A-Hero venture is a ridiculous waste of money. To further add to Ando's woe, Hiro confessed that he's dying and there's nothing he can do about it, refusing to change the past to save his own life. Unable to control his ability, Hiro disappears. Having cut himself off from his family, Peter is back at his old NYC EMT job, desperate to save as many lives as he can to make up for the sins of the past.