The second episode was also aired along with same days as opening of the first season.

Jump, Push, Fall

Claire discovers her roommate has been killed. HRG asks Peter to help him and ends up in a difficult situation. Hiro tries to undo his wrongdoing from the past and Matt finally decides to use his powers again.

Hiro embarks on a new mission to undo the wrongs of the past, and H.R.G. finds a compass, which ultimately leads to the Carnival. Unable to control his ability, Hiro inadvertently time travels 14 years into the past to bump into Samuel at the Carnival. Samuel prompts Hiro to make a small change to events, which ultimately cause Ando and Kimiko to fall in love. Overjoyed, Hiro realizes his new mission is to un-do the wrongs of his past before it's too late. Under orders from Samuel, Edgar retrieves the compass, leaving H.R.G. badly wounded. Luckily, Peter saves the Company man, and Tracy plays nursemaid.

While Sylar emerges from Matt's mind to wreak havoc in his life, Nathan hasn't quite been feeling like himself. Abilities that he didn't know he had are emerging, and his memories don't seen real. Since Peter is AWOL saving lives in NYC, Nathan turns to Angela for advice. Fearing the re-emergence of Sylar, Angela blames Nathan's erratic behavior on mid-life crisis, and recommends that he get himself a fast car and a loose woman. After all, it worked for his father...