Its Third Episode Aired on 28 Sept. 2009 with title Ink.

Ink - Volume 5

Peter must face the consequences of his actions and also meets a new female hero. Claire deals with others knowing about her ability. Samuel fights to find his brother Joseph's memories. When Sylar returns, Matt must struggle with his own inner demons.

Claire's been avoiding Gretchen like the plague, but there's really nowhere to hide in a co-ed dorm. Deciding to trust, Claire finally comes clean with Gretchen, and invites her to be roommates. In California, Matt's trying to fend off Sylar while on a drug bust. When Sylar tricks him into beating up the perp, Matt knows he's ruined his life, and is forced to use his powers to save what's left of it.

Although grief over the death of brother Joseph has left Samuel unsure of his direction, he dons a suit and leaves the carnival to find Peter in New York. Posing as an accident survivor, Samuel sues Peter for negligence. With the help of a deaf file clerk, who's just discovering her ability to see sound in color, Peter locates Samuel at the hospital. Knowing that Samuel wasn't at the accident scene, Peter dismisses him as a scammer, until Hesam explains that the lawsuit could kill Peter's EMT career. Peter speeds through the city to apologize to Samuel in a park. Calling on his skills as a hospice nurse, Peter helps Samuel talk through his grief, earning his admiration. When Samuel leaves to destroy his childhood home, Peter is drawn through the park by ethereal cello music. The deaf file clerk is discovering that she can play the cello like an angel, but when she realizes she's drawn a crowd, she runs off.

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