Episode for Recap / Summary which was aired on 5 Oct 2009.


Hiro's health continues to deteriorate as he goes on a mission to prevent a coworker from committing suicide. Ando finally convinces Hiro to tell his sister that he's fatally ill. Meanwhile, Tracy continues to struggle to find a purpose in life and to learn to control her powers. She returns to her old job as a political adviser, but leaves when she remembers how demeaning the job could be. Nathan-Sylar is also on a path of self-discovery, as his mother, Angela, helps him regain memories.

Claire visits her father, concerned that he's without a plan, and offers some advice. Sometimes you have to remember who you were to figure out who you want to be. Unbeknownst to anyone except Lydia, H.R.G. starts a file on Edgar. Tracy decides to get her old job back with Governor Malden. But something doesn't feel right -- she wants to help people and Malden clearly isn't a helping people kind of guy. When H.R.G. passes Claire's advice on to Tracy, she's able to find the strength to quit Malden for good.

Overjoyed to learn that Ando and Kimiko are getting married, Hiro promises to stand in for his father and give away the bride. Since the wedding is a year away, Ando insists that Hiro tell Kimiko that he's dying, but Hiro spends his time trying to save a suicidal employee. Finally, realizing he needs to face the truth, Hiro confesses all to Kimiko, only to experience a devastating pain in his head, and then he disappears. Nathan discovers a past he never knew about, involving the accidental death of his first love, Kelly. When Angela admits that she covered it up and wiped Nathan's memory, Nathan tells Kelly's mother the truth, so she has him killed and dumped in a shallow grave. But a fist pokes through the dirt, as Sylar claws his way to the surface!

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