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Increase Airtel Broadband Speed to double ?


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    Increase Airtel Broadband Speed to double ?


    I have friends and on their advice I bought airtel broadband connection. Some says their speed is more than their connection plan. They generally get double speed . But I don't get more speed than my plan ? How can I increase airtel broadband's download speed ?

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    Re: Increase Airtel Broadband Speed to double ?

    That may be true when airtel was new, may be they were testing their features. But they have plans in which speed get doubles at night. Otherwise you will get only specified speed.

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    Re: Increase Airtel Broadband Speed to double ?

    Why don't you try using Airtel Speed on Demand? they have lowered the rates drastically, since last June...... if you want to download some movies or software, you can upgrade it for an hour or so...
    the charges are shown as per hour, but they're calculated per pulse

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    Thanks for the information. As I am going to take airtel broadband but was bit confused.

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    Airtel broadband is one of the best. Very good service and reliable service at affordable price.

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    I have also airtel broadban plan.It is the better than other Internet service provider.my Internet is very fast and my plan is 2mps speed.


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