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Does India will become a big and strong country in the world?


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    Nancyliu is offline Just in!

    Does India will become a big and strong country in the world?

    It is well-known that India is a big country in the world with large population. Recently it has developed in both aspects of its economy and military . Will it become a strong country rather than just a big country in the future ?

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    nupur. is offline eTI Copper

    Re: Does India will become a big and strong country in the world?

    The same question's answer I have replied a day before yesterday.

    Anyways Its not impossible for India but it's also not possible. Ya I know I am talking like crazy but its true.

    India having people those are intelligent and having a good knowledge ... Who can make India a dream country ! But no body having time to do thing for our country . Every one wanted to fill their own pockets.

    Everyone is corrupted included you and Me... Ya some time we do things for our comfort but fact is we are corrupted.

    First of all we have to change our thinking , we have to change ourselves and we have to start thinking about other and our self too than only every Indian will get the power to change the fortune of our country or Nation to a brighter future for all and that will give add a blossoms in our country's proud and fame.

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    kammy is offline eTI Copper

    Re: Does India will become a big and strong country in the world?

    yeah Nupur that's true we need to eradicate corrurtion but we all are corrupt.

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    NAVENDU_SINGH is offline Newbie

    Re: Does India will become a big and strong country in the world?

    yeah! i also agree..but its easy to say a while.think about those who ave been troubled by us..

    many people say tht i am doing my work properly but laugh on them as they are not the only ones to protect this world..i am just 13 years but yet i have mind about it

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    nupur. is offline eTI Copper

    Re: Does India will become a big and strong country in the world?

    Good to Know about Your thought Navendu..

    But When You face the Real World You will get to know why other are doing such kind of things which they also don't wanted to do.

    Such circumstances of real world forces you to do such things from u cant escape.

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    Ayushi.G is offline eTI Member
    Yes! it is true that India has a large population, it is the 2nd largest populous country of the world after china. But there is another fact which we generally tend to miss upon. It Population Dividend..!! larger population can result in higher population dividend. This bane of the nation of large population can be transformed into boom, if worked upon carefully. China is no less in population but still is growing at a very high rate. why..? because it has learned the trick to explore and utilize its population dividend. Unlike India, China has always been focusing on its manufacturing sector and not service. They has adopted labour intensive technique. On the other hand we Indians, focused on service sector are providing huge market for their manufactured products. It is high time for us to change our strategy and bring a revolutionary change in the economy for optimum utilization of our population dividend. And then undoubtedly we shall emerge as a big and strong country.

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    mikuajay is offline Just in!
    i don't think india will ever become superpower because of the corrupt politicians born in our country. we must first eradicate all this so called politicians & elect some honest politicians who knows how to protect its own people & how to grow a country. For example, see this campaign of campa cola people who are wailing since last few months to help them to save their homes. on monday this people are going to be homeless & our politician are only talking but doing nothing like Mr. milind deora who is there just to talk & for nothing else.

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    shinasehgal is offline eTI Member
    yes i am totally agree with you that india has developed in economy and military. but still is difficult for india to become a strong country in the world because poverty in India is widespread, with the nation estimated to have a third of the world's poor. In 2010. women are not safe here we have seen so many cases where the culprits don't get the right punishment. india has become a country of crime. so i would say that too many things need to be changed to make india a better place to live.

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    lovelytyagi is offline Newbie
    Corruption will never let India to become a strong country... To become strong we need to overcome corruption at any cost...

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    YuvaSpeak is offline Just in!
    Yes India will become a big and strong country in the world.

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    waktem's Avatar
    waktem is offline eTI Iron
    Yes why not with its community great culture will give it a super power to make a proper service.

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    jittusurya is offline Just in!
    Indian is a top fastest growing country in the world and when Our Modi sir is selected for MP position. He is taking a famous, make strong economic, and powerful country in the world. Current our near country china don't know about Indian power.

    India is ever growing country and today we have lot of resources and things to develop yourself in minimum time.

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