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    I am a happily married for the last 25 years with a daughter well educated & independent, since last one year I have been constantly drawn towards my sister in law , who is of same age group as mine. Whenever me & my wife go out on weekends I always try to some how include her also, through my wife. She too is married and her children are settled abroad, her husband enjoys in his male circle of friends & allows his wife to spend time & money as she pleases. Now a days I am all the time time engrosed in her thoughts & in a happy mood when she is around but gets
    irritated and in bad mood with everyone at home, when she refuses to join us. Also she does not respond to me directly but only through her sister (my wife) WHAT IS THIS I A'M GOING THROUGH...........

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    You have a crush on your SAALI .

    If you want a happy married life then just change path , else will see only trouble.. not only for you but your children and wife too. On the other hand, she is clearly not interested in you at all and taking all precaution so that you don't get wrong impression, hence she is not even responding directly to you. Rest you decide !

    PS : You should rather change topic title to something "Obsessed with Saali ie. sister in law - Crush on Saali" , so that it clear idea about your question.

    Also, welcome to eTI !

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    well at this point where u have a well settled life in front of u do not make it tough for ur family..........ur daughter is big enough for al these things...........and ur ralation for like 25 yrs..............i know it is difficult when u take it by heart but still u have to b try nd get away from that feeling so try ur level best to get away from that feeling..............with u maybe u like her just coz of some things like smiles, the way of talking, and the respect that person gives to others or u........so this happens but not that u can't control it.........
    "Smile always u never know who is falling in love with ur Smile..........wid love...........AJ"

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