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Heartful POEMS :)


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    Heartful POEMS :)

    Mohabbat ek ehsaaso ki,
    paavan si kahaani hai,

    kabi kabiraa deewana tha,
    kabhi meera deewani hai,

    yeh sab log kehtey hai,
    meri aankhon mein aaonsoon hai,
    jo too samjhey tho moti hai,
    jo na samjhe tho paani hai :'(

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    Re: Heartful POEMS :)

    Do we need poetry section on etalkIndia ?

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    Re: Heartful POEMS :)

    Come on. I just raised a topic. I didnt ask you any sections though

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    Re: Heartful POEMS :)

    this short poem is nice one.

    Not necessary to have a section of poetry.

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    Re: Heartful POEMS :)

    I guess you dont need to spare big resource for this

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