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How to Check Broadband Usage on BSNL SelfCare portal - New portal


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    Ricky is offline eTI Silver

    How to Check Broadband Usage on BSNL SelfCare portal - New portal

    Recently BSNL shifted to new system of user management which is known as BSNL SelfCare Portal. Through SelfCare you can actually do lot more thing other than your broadband usage monitoring. However, its little confusing for first time here, hence I have decided to write a short note how to check usage details on BSNL broadband.

    Note: If you looking to know how to pay your broadband bill online then click here

    It is pretty easy though, first go SelfCare portal of your area..

    If you don't know how to Create BSNL Selfcare account then click here to know

    If you are in north region then :
    If you are in south region then :
    If you are in west region then :
    If you are in east region then :
    It will show you following screen, now login with your username and password you have for your account. (Its not same as your broadband password and username). You can read "How to Register at New BSNL Selfcare Portal" to know how to obtain those details.

    When you are successfully logged in, you are supposed to look for link saying : My Services, click on it and will further show more options. In that click View Broadband Usage.
    So it goes like this Login to Selfcare portal---> Click My Services --->Click View Broadband Usage

    Now it will come with following screen which shows total usage of your broadband data connection, however if you want to know full details then you are supposed to click View Usage Details .

    After clicking View Usage Details, now it will show you detailed usage.
    However, still its not very convenient so I suggest you to download the Excel CSV format which available on this page already. So, clicking on export to Excel will give you a file which you can open in Excel or any compatible spreadsheet program and then analyze it easily.

    Update : Now you can check usage details between any given date, bsnl has added option to specify TO and FROM date to check, I have updated the screenshot below.

    In the Last
    If you liked this article / tip or you find it useful then please stop by and give your comment. Your comments helpful and encourages me to further give you similar pieces of information and guides.


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    Unregistered Guest
    it only shows the current usage for the month , i want to see all my usage ... plz help

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    Unregistered Guest
    website is nt opening...Guess sum server problem..

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    roy342 is offline Just in!
    I am facing problem during BSNL selfcare registration
    During registration it said "Broadband User ID is Invalid or You do not have Active Broadband in Your Service."

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    swapnil14 is offline Just in!


    Thanks a lot brother!! I was so confused but now I got solution from you...as BSNL implemented design I was so much confused...your post is probably the first one on whole internet which guides about new BSNL portal...so BIG BIG THANKS

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    swapnil14 is offline Just in!
    Thanks a lot brother! seriously I was so much confused...u took so much efforts & ur post regarding BSNL new portal is very first post on the internet so BIG BIG THANKS

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    Ricky is offline eTI Silver
    Hi Swapnil

    Thank you very much for appreciating my effort. If you need any more help then I would love to help you.

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    sohail_patel is offline Newbie


    can any one give me tha login id and password of your selfcare.ndc account..i want to jst check the ndc site....

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    sumit1962 is offline Just in!

    I want to view my BB usage,but it is not possible, please help me.

    I am registered in etalkindia.com to view my Broadband usage and also call details. but it is not possible, pl. help me.

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    haridastk is offline Just in!
    How to find out the broad band usage of bsnl connection and to register for it what can i do

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    haridastk is offline Just in!
    how can i register in the bsnl self care the port is not found

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    haridastk is offline Just in!
    what can i do to get approved for posting from a moderator

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    mathewmmathew is offline Just in!
    sir,i don't know how to find out my broad band usage of my bsnl net connection?what can i do for the registration

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    tapasbose is offline Just in!

    Post just i want to know my usage of this month

    Quote Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
    it only shows the current usage for the month , i want to see all my usage ... plz help
    i want to know the current usage of this month as early as possible from your end thanks

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    Aarish Rizvi's Avatar
    Aarish Rizvi
    Aarish Rizvi is offline eTI Bronze
    Don't you think there is option to select date range to see usage.. can you find it ?

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