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20 reasons for unemployment in India


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    shobitha is offline Just in!

    20 reasons for unemployment in India

    i want to know why is unemployment rate increasing in india when compared to other nations.i want to know 20 reasons for unemployment in india and 20 solutions for eradication of unemployment.

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    Ricky is offline eTI Silver
    That will look like a college assignment. I guess if you ask me what is the main reason of unemployment in India as per my view then I will answer it as "Lack of Professional Education" .

    Ok that sounds expected but here what I want convey that in India, though literacy rate is increasing but still there is a great number of Youth in India who are doing BA as Graduation and then thinks they are graduate... ofcourse they are graduate but becoming a graduate of Arts don't really give you lots of opportunity, then there are people who barely crosses school. Have you ever found any person with good academic qualification without JOB? All this results in even more problem, may be this is the reason that in India labour is one of the cheapest in world as they are not qualified.

    Because people are not opting for professional courses, we have now world's one of the largest "Unskilled labour" . And to eradicate all such problem, I suggest that children should have courses in school or atleast programmes in school which can help them to decide the future profession so that they can start working on it from right time.

    PS: I think I gave you atleast one reason and solution.. may be other can give you more.

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    c.ravi2000 Guest

    1 Japan look, learn and do like it and every thing will be solved.

    1 Japan look, learn and do like it and every thing will be solved.
    2 cricket and politics are the big things which are making people lazy.
    3 every one wants to earn as quick as possible, which makes even the father and mother as enemy
    4 Selfishness has grown to such an extent even the right hand doesn't belive the left.

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    sujittyagi is offline Just in!
    Unemployment is a peculiar problem in India. Corruption & illiteracy rate is increasing day by day. Man-power is getting replaced by hi-tech machines, Computers & software. The work of 10 people is now done with a single machine and just one worker is required to monitor the machine work. Major share of unemployment prevails only in the unskilled and semi-skilled workers. Therefore it is necessary to provide technical and computer skills to unskilled people and help them to generate sustainable livelihood options. Many leading organizations like Microsoft India have developed programs with the help of community centre and provide basic IT training such as introduction to computers, word processing, spreadsheets and the Internet, that helps them to educate and grow in all areas of education.

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    Mr.A.Gauri is offline Newbie
    Its not like a list of exactly 20 but yes there are broder reason and issues tackling whom we can solve this problem..remember perfection is just a word, u should try to stick closer to it but the day u achieve it imbalance is surely to happen

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    sunidhi is offline eTI Aluminium
    Well Unemployment is increasing as the result of Growing population. Not every one can get job in the field what they want these days. So from my point of view Population is the biggest reason for unemployment.
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    Jayant-Pandit is offline Just in!
    I thought the main reason is population. In general I have seen this many times, companies have limited openings but the number of candidates (freshers, I have not included experienced) is an average more than 1 : 100. (Its just an assumption, I don't have the exact figure).

    The literacy rate is increasing, but what about openings...it is also increasing with that..I have received resume of many MBA's, but Is the candidates opt-in for master degrees or higher level degrees getting the right job..
    There are many MBA's, B.E.'s and other degree holders, who are not getting there deserve jobs and are starting their careers from a low salary.

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    anisha_Astrology is offline Just in!
    population and curroption are the prime reasons for unemployment in India.

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    insane.nick is offline eTI Member
    so because of jack and cheque......deservable candidates not able to find appropriate jobs for them.....

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    Shatabdi is offline Just in!
    Rapid growth of population is the main cause of unemployment. Since 1950 the World's population
    has increased by three times (& it is increasing).

    The 2008 global financial crisis increases the problem badly. Although the scenario has improved,
    but still the problem exists. In different countries the unemployment rate is different. Even in some of
    the developed countries present unemployment rate is not nil.

    Setting up a business, becoming an entrepreneur could be a positive step towards the solution of
    unemployment problem. Thus you can contribute even more to wipe out unemployment through
    arranging job for others.

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    Adi Mehta's Avatar
    Adi Mehta
    Adi Mehta is offline eTI Iron
    True, I think main problem is rapid population growth and specially with India as we are growing at must faster pace than whole world itself.

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