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How to download youtube video- I am receiving Java error ?


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    Shalini Vaid's Avatar
    Shalini Vaid
    Shalini Vaid is offline Newbie

    How to download youtube video- I am receiving Java error ?

    Hey ! guyz help me out from this problem, I want to download some of my favorite video from youtube with the help of some site from which we can download youtube video like saveyoutube.com and keepvid.com but it shown me an error :

    Error: Please click here to download Java. If you already have Java, please restart your browser and try again.
    so, tell me some other suggestion to download youtube video or any other site from which I can easily download youtube video.

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    Ricky is offline eTI Silver
    I don't understand why Java is required for youtube, may be site like keepvid need them. If it is so then simply download Download Free Java Software and install it.

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    t_virus is offline Newbie
    yes. If you want to download a youtube video from keepvid.com you have to install java.

    But i recommend using flashgot fot Firefox. its free and useful. it can download from all video websites https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/flashgot

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    hantal12 is offline eTI Member
    hey you can download any video from any site with the help of these softwares
    1. speedbit video downloader
    2. internet download manager
    and lots more software just surf internet

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    aileekate is offline Just in!
    Keepvid only allows you to download videos after installing java.
    Many ways can be carried when you try to download youtube videos, and you can finish this work easily with the help of a video downloader. Here is my favorite app, you can have a try. http://en.kioskea.net/download/downl...wnload-capture

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    nehashah is offline Just in!
    You can install this firefox addon to easily download videos from youtube: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/fir...o-downl-10137/

  7. Advert.

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    priyarawat229 is offline eTI Member
    You should uninstall both of them and then restart your PC. When you've restarted Windows, try going on YouTube again. It should prompt you to download Flash, which you should do. After installing a fresh copy of Flash, you then need to check to see if the problem as gone or not.

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    leo2575 is offline Just in!
    If you are using Firefox or Chrome browser, there is a software available called Ant.com, just install the plugin for your browser and you can directly download videos using this software. Its easy to use and free.

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    arvindrao15 is offline eTI Iron
    You can download the videos easily from keephd
    it also provides 1080 pixel videos.

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    peterr88 is offline Just in!
    hello mate you can download any video from any site with the help of this software:
    speedbit video downloader

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