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Help me! Urgent-life threats and police is not at help.


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    Help me! Urgent-life threats and police is not at help.


    I am in deep trouble and I need urgent help. Someone please help me out. I used to live in Bangalore in Indiranagar. The place I used to live was owned by a builder. About 5 weeks back I learnt that he is a serial criminal and who primary business is land grabbing and that he is one of the forefathers of underworld in Bangalore - his true identity. I learnt this through the servants who worked there. Immediately thereafter I am being attacked from all angles. I lost my job, my scooter was smashed up, things started disappearing from my place. There are people constantly standing outside where I live and I am being followed wherever I go. I contacted the police and instead the cops shouted at me and practically threw me outside and now instead of gangsters following me... the police themselves are following me. When I approached the Commissioner's office they made me wait for 5 hours and then they took me in a jeep and then dropped me at the outskirts of Bangalore without saying anything. When I tried contacting my family nobody is responding on the phones. I somehow got the numbers of a neighbor (actually an old servant in my locality at my home town Agra) and learnt that my parents have locked the house and nobody knows where they are. It is apparent that this underworld don is having political connections being part of the land grabbing clan. There are atleast 20 people including cops who follow me wherever I go. I tried reaching friends and everybody is suddenly acting scared and strange and are telling me not to contact them.

    The only key thing I have found out is that there is a group called KRV in Bangalore. This stands for Karnataka Rakshana Vedike which is a right wing group. They are like Shiv Sena of Karnataka. And they are anti- north Indian and me being from Agra(north india) I am being targetted.

    I really don't know what to do.....someone please help out and contact police/cbi or ministers and help save my life. Time is running out and since they have put a 'hit' on me....I will be eliminated any moment. For god's sake someone please help me out!!

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    subodh Shah Guest
    I am suspicious about your problem. You say you get to know a secret but how it is a secret if even a servant knows this. May be servant has told same to many like you. Why they are behind you? Or there is something different .. some other thing ?

    If you insist on complaining , try following :
    :: President's Secretariat Helpline ::

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