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Hindu Muslim Marriage- Muslim girl family issue (Help required)


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    Question Hindu Muslim Marriage- Muslim girl family issue (Help required)

    I am a Spiritual guy ( family hindu ) 24 years, working in MNC, in truly madly deeply love with my childhood sweetheart ( muslim girl ), 24 years from 3rd class ,she's also working. we love each other,want to marry, live life together,have a family, and grow old together. I have been to her home few times and her family likes me ( as a friend ) . Recently her brother came to know about our relationship as she had to answer for a marriage proposal. brother have no issue with our relationship but can't support her as parents will not agree. he has told her mother about our relationship, mother says stop talking to me as it is impossible.They have not told her father and given time to her to come out of our relationship and get ready for marriage wherever they say. She is getting depressed, and I am worried. I always believed that everything is possible in this world and we all are child of one god and through talks we can convince her parents. At my side all my family knows about my relationship with her and they have no issues with it . My parents like her very much and they can even go and talk to her parents whenever required. But she is afraid about her father's health, if he comes to know as he is always in tension about her marriage then her 4 year younger sister's before his retirement 5 years later and social pressure. We don't want to elope and want to marry with every one's blessings. Please help.

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    you can read my post..i have some similar situation..but I am hindu and my boy friend is muslim..


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    Hello ak87,

    Its really nice to know that you are "truly, madly, deeply in love with your childhood sweetheart". See, basically its difficult for inter-religion marriages to mature fully, moreover if its a match between a Muslim and Hindu community. But though its difficult, its not "impossible" as her mother thinks. I really admire your thinking and attitude towards inter-religion marriages and how well you accept that "we all are child of one god ".

    Coming directly directly to your problem, there is just one way to convince her parents and that is a mutual conversation. I understand its difficult but I believe you are not a kind of a person who can easy give up. Right now, all I could deduce from your problem statement is that she revealed about her relationship to her mother and brother only and no one else in the family. You can directly talk to her mother on this issue patiently and politely and try to convince her for a yes. You need to tell her, that its been so many years since you both are best of best friends to each other and you have been committed to her since the time you knew her. You need to tell her that there is no other girl you ever tried to be with, except her. You need to make her realize that you and only you are the one who has been with her always, since her childhood times. You both grew up together, became best buddies, fell in love and want to be with each other always.

    I actually want you to tell her mother that you have been so fair and committed to her daughter so much so that she wouldn't find anyone else in this world so caring and loving for her daughter. See, try to understand, usually parents have just one demand from their child's better half and i.e. he/she should be caring, responsible and loving towards their child.... and that is what I want you to make them realize.

    Moreover you have a plus point that your family has no objections. So initially you can organize a meeting between you mother and her's and let them have a word and decide onto things. Usually, women or rather housewifes in conservative Muslim families are not the deciding authority....they are not the ones who can give any judgement...and so they usually pass the matter to their elders ( husbands, basically ). This is what I feel is the same situation in her house. Her father is the one who has the authority to take decisions. So, if you are able to convince her mother, half the battle is won. Then let her mother pass on the matter to her father who might see to it with finer details. Then lets see what happens next.

    And yes, please keep that in mind, don't loose hope !!! Mutual conversation is the only way out to this problem and I would never ever suggest you guys to elope and get married.
    All The Best !!!
    Take Care !!!

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