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LADIES VS RICKY BAHL is a film of today and the women here are not weak and fragile who will sit back and weep, but will make sure that those who have hurt them get adequate and timely rebut.

In this film Dimple played by Parineeti Chopra, a spoiled Delhi girl falls in love with Sunny who is a a fitness trainer. Raina played by Dipannita Sharma who is a corporate woman in Mumbai, does business with an art dealer Deven. Saira played by Aditi Sharma who is a hard working widow in Lucknow, makes a new friend whose name is Iqbal. Three these women are fooled by their respective freinds who is Ricky Behl played by Ranveer Singh. Somehow these three girls meet and vow to search Ricky Bahl and get their money back.
Then enters Ishika played by Anushka Sharma and the story unveils further..........

While the first story that is between Ranveer and Parineeti is quite impressive , other two stories fail to make a mark in viewers mind .

Anushka Sharma comes across as a natural and has done justice to her character. but a standard smile pasted on her face sometimes seems overdone. Nevertheless she is alluring in her act and appearance. Anushka Sharma has a very strong screen presence and demands the attention of viewers . Ranveer is the scene stealer here. He brings a charismatic and spontaneous qualities into his character. Considering it his second movie he has done quality work and he definitely has a bright career in this Industry.
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Director Maneesh Sharma has done quite a average job. The start of the film is well directed and conveys 0the essence of story then turns out to be quite ordinary in between but has a good concluding. 'Aadat Se Majboor' and 'Jazba' are nice and youthful songs. 'Thug Le' is rolled at the credits and has good choreography.

On the whole, LADIES VS RICKY BAHL is a decent film which will appealing in the beginning and at the end.

Overall deserves THREE STAR