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Unwanted Charges Deducted From My ICICI Bank


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    Unwanted Charges Deducted From My ICICI Bank


    I had a account in ICICI bank in Jaipur branch and had about 15000 rupees in it. I moved to Chandigarh due to my employment reasons and opened a new account in HDFC bank. After 1.5 years when i had returned to Jaipur and went to my ICICI bank branch and i was shocked to see that they had deducted 4500 rs as a dormant charges. This came as a shock to me and i discussed with their manager who didn't even bothered to reply me with a positive answer.

    I checked the papers which i had signed at the time of opening the account , and i couldn't find any clause of this kind in that paper.

    Is this not a malpratice??????

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    you have almost not used your ICICI bank account from 1.5 years and this is the reason why they have charged you with Dormant Charges. Dormant Charges are nothing but the charges charged by the bank for the inactivity of your bank account there are certain period after which bank starts collecting dormant charges or Inactivity charges if the account is not operated in most cases it varies between the range of 90-180 days if still the bank finds no transaction availed after such period it may have a right to totally inactivate the account or keep it active and deduct the inactive charges. But as per RTI Act, you are bound to get a proper feedback from the Bank Manager on the Grounds of RTI and if you are not getting any proper answer from the branch you may directly contact the head office via mail for the concern and if still disappointment prevails contact consumer court and lodge a complaint against the branch and bank but it should be kept as the last option if nothing works for you. Contact the bank manager again and tell him to explain the rules of the bank for the deduction of Dormant charges.
    Verify the link for more details on dormant charges : When your account turns dormant - Indian Express

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