Bigg Boss house will soon welcome a Japanese Sumo Wrestler. Yes, you have read it right. This 601 pound and six feet four inches tall sumo wrestler will make his way to the house this weekend and will be staying there for few days as a guest. Another shocking news is that this huge man doesn't understand neither English nor Hindi which will make it his stay in the house further interesting. Earlier Australian cricketer Andrew Symonds had stayed few days as a guest in the house.

It is reported that special arrangements have been made in the house so as to accommodate this gigantic man. The dinning area will be converted into a bedroom-cum-eating area so that the wrestler has enough space to carry out his daily activities. He will first meet the host Sanjay Dutt outside the house who will explain him curtains rules and regulations of the house. The wrestler will also be given special placards with certain pictures so that he will be able to communicate his needs to the other contestants in the house. In all full entertainment for the viewers in the new year.