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Worried about Future with girl of opposite nature and behaviour in Love Relationship


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    Worried about Future with girl of opposite nature and behaviour in Love Relationship

    im in a relationship wid a girl for past 5months. she is bit insecure and low on self esteem and i'm d exact opposite. i'm confident individual.she fights for firvolous things but she luves me lot and i too.. but i get cold feet when i think about marriage. i dunno whether im mentally mature to make any commitment. well we got closer but we didnt do anything that is wrong yeah i did kiss her took bath wid her.. and i dunt regret that but i believe its going too fast for my comfort.she doesnt come clean about her past even though i dunt care but she should be honest.she says i will leave u if ur parents tell she blackmails me emotionally.if i say her anything she will cry and make a big hue and cry. she is a good person by heart but she has some scars from shildhood like she was bullied by school mates she was teased for her appearance even by her parents and dis has brought her confi down.she thinks dere is no use of her and she must die but i try to make amends in her life and brought her up but still a long way to go.she behaves like this because she was never shown luv by anyone n a way that she wanted.she thinks her father has affair with many women as he is politician.her parents fight most of the time this has made a big dent in her life.i'm just worried if i get too involved in her problem and not concn abt my future my parents will be let down even though she doesnt try t o come in my future but i volutarily try helping her out.she magnifies small things and interprets in d meaning which i didnt mean.our personality are different she is from a rich family and money matters to her as instead of luv her parents gave money to her but i dunt care about money.i can lead any life we are also decently rich but i dont like that life style.if i tell her i will get u a nano she says i will never go in that.with so many disagreements i know relationship is full of plus and minus but am i missing sum point ??.should i tell her to slow it down.she gets sexual fantasy and i dunt want to do that now as i dunt find it apt.now i dunt want to break her heart but i dunno where s dis relationship going what shud i do..shud i leave her or continue or just leave it not worry abt future?i m worried if i leave her she may disintegrate and may enter that phase again i dunt want her to feel bad of herself.i want her to come big in life.she is preparing for ias exam and im making sure she is on track.i still want to make ths work but am i missing something?? help me out so that she is fine and i also keep my parents satisfied

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    Hello bashen4u,

    Sir, I went through the whole matter. Everything, every doubt that you have is a natural thing that happens with almost every second couple engaged in a new relationship. The exact reason for this is, that, its been just 5 months since you both are engaged in a relationship which I consider is a very less time.

    So, now since you both share some physical intimacies with each other, I would never recommend you to leave her and break her heart. Instead, you should work towards making this relationship work out beautifully for both of you.
    Make her feel comfortable with you...tell her love doesn't counts for low self-esteem or inferiority complexes.... tell her that you love her so that she stop feeling insecure. Tell her that, you have accepted her as your girlfriend not because of her looks, but soul she posses in her, her nature and small things that make you feel special for her.

    Regarding physical intimacies, if you feel, you are not ready for it...trust me....you are free to tell her about this. I hope she will understand.
    All these things will pass off as and when your relationship will grow strong with time. As I insisted earlier, 5 months is a very small time for a relationship to flourish well. all these doubts are just because, its been a very less time since you both are in a relationship. So get to know each other well... make her feel comfortable and secure.... and try to make it beautiful.

    All The Best...!!!
    Take Care....!!!

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