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Another example of India's horrible legal system


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    Pluto is offline eTI Iron

    Another example of India's horrible legal system

    The Indian govt made such a lot of hoo hah about Dr Haneef, when he was arrested by the Aussie authorities on terrorism charges. How quickly the Aussies released the doctor and sorted out the matter. Compare this Aussie justice system with the Indian justice system where a man was held in jail for a year without trial for a simple offense, and would have been there for years, had not the Canadian govt intervened on his behalf. This is not an isolated case. It happens all the time in India. Talk about double standards and hypocrisy.!!!

    Canadian recalls ordeal in Bihar’s ‘rat-infested’ jail

    Published: Sunday, 30 March, 2008, 02:06 AM Doha Time

    Itzhayek… relieved

    TORONTO: A Canadian, who was jailed for entering India from Nepal on an expired visa 10 months ago, returned home on Friday after being released by an Indian court.
    The case of Montreal businessman Saul Itzhayek made headlines in Canada, forcing Prime Minister Stephen Harper and his Foreign Minister Maxime Bernier to take up the issue with their Indian counterparts.

    The pressure on the Canadian government mounted further early this month when two blasts, triggered in an inter-gang rivalry in Bihar’s Motihari Jail where Itzhayek was kept, killed one person.

    His family, who repeatedly highlighted his plight in the media, feared for his safety, prompting former justice minister Irwin Cotler to pressure the Canadian government to get him released.
    On landing at Montreal’s Pierre Trudeau airport on Friday afternoon, the 42-year-old Itzhayek said he felt “incredible” to be back with his family.

    The Jewish businessman thanked the Canadian government, the media and the public for their support for his release.
    “I thank you all from the bottom of my heart,” a relieved Itzhayek said at the airport, flanked by his wife and son. “I’m very happy to see my family, it is the only thing I wanted to do, to sit down with them. I need a couple of days to get my head together,” he said.

    Recalling his ordeal, he said the Bihar jail was filthy and infested with rats and scorpions.
    “It’s a completely different life. You never know when you’re gonna leave, you never know what’s going to happen to you when you walk around,” he said.

    He said he lost 60 pounds from eating unhygienic food and drinking dirty water, and cried “for about 10 or 15 minutes when I heard I was released.”

    The Canadian, who claimed in court affidavit that he was on a business trip to Nepal, was arrested last May when he entered India on an expired visa to collect money wired to him at an address in India.
    He said he sent his Nepalese driver to collect the money. But the driver was arrested by the Indian police who also seized Itzhayek’s passport and other documents from him.

    The Canadian claimed the India police initially allowed him to collect his passport and other documents. But once inside India, the police demand a bribe to let him go.
    His refusal to comply, he said, led to his arrest.

    Since the Indian court has not overturned his conviction but only freed him because of the time he spent in jail, Itzhayek said he would work to clear his name in India.

    The law firm of former Indian solicitor general Harish Salve is representing him in the case.
    After he was released on Tuesday, Itzhayek left for Kathmandu where he boarded a flight for Montreal.- IANS

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    kammy is offline eTI Copper

    Re: Another example of India's horrible legal system

    ya we know that according to my friend who is doing LLB if we stop recieving new cases it'll take 5 years to solve pending cases.

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    psnswaminathan is offline eTI Iron

    Re: Another example of India's horrible legal system

    I agree with the views - Indian system is very complex - none can understand.

    everyone talk about the issue for a day and then forget - our memory is very short.

    Let God saves our country.

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    Pluto is offline eTI Iron

    Re: Another example of India's horrible legal system

    For get about complex, and complications.
    What India need is a true intelligent leadership that can make
    people work for themselves and produce economic wealth.

    Our main curse is that we tend to put people on pedestal and
    worship them as great educated and accomplished netas.

    We should do the opposite. Benchmark their performance
    against other countries and then be critical of them.
    Politicians should not be appreciated. They should be
    critically assesses day in and day out. Only then they will
    stop sitting on their backsides and lecture people, tell excuses
    and give lame lies for their underacievements.

    Sadly, India has no such leader to do what is necessary to tbe
    done. But there are many who are sitting on pedestals and being

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    psnswaminathan is offline eTI Iron

    Re: Another example of India's horrible legal system

    I agree with the responses and their anguish.

    here there is no clean administration with transparancy. the anomaly cannot be changed - it is like a cancel.

    I have faught the the game enough, and became tired - in one case I have filed a complaint with Central Vigilance Commission (CVC Registration No.611/05/10). Anyone wanted to know the fate of my complaint, they can get the information, details of my complaint, disposals, etc., from CVC quoting CVC Ref: 611/05/10 under Right to Information Act (RTI Act).

    I am tired, the system gone into vicious circle - and I am pessimistic about correction.

    let us all learn to live with it.

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