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Is Mathematics subject difficult?or easy?


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    Lingachary Poloju
    Lingachary Poloju is offline Just in!

    Post Is Mathematics subject difficult?or easy?

    Most of the students getting good marks in maths but a large number of students has no (mathematical) values.Am I correct? comment

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    a1234 is offline Just in!
    yes offcourse they are getting marks but not having mathematical value.they cant even apply the basic maths in their life only thing they require is the calulator..and this is not the solution.

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    riyachouhan is offline eTI Member
    Mathematical is one of subject that we can gain full marks.. but in now days every one using calculator for basic solution, but they get mathematical value.. its not good..

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    IndianDev is offline Just in!
    I think that mathematics is more or less a vocation. Everyone can be good at maths, but to be very good or excellent is another story. Very graduate students in pure mathematics are rare.

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    suniel.gupta is offline Just in!
    There Is Nothing Easy nor Difficult but it is depend on interest as well as Practice of perticular Subject.

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    deepa26 is offline Just in!
    Well, I am not agree with this. I can understand that Math is a typical subject to understand but if math is a interesting subject to learn,really I am confused that why student afraid from it. Math is one of the subject which gives you the perfect value.

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    HARSHIT OJHA is offline Just in!
    My friends...
    Mathematics is all about practise...
    the more you practise, he more you fall in love with mathematics.
    Values which we are talking about comes along with practise.
    it cannot be attached to the use of calculator.

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    Adi Mehta's Avatar
    Adi Mehta
    Adi Mehta is offline eTI Iron
    HI Harshit,

    Very well said and I want to add that once you start understanding it , you will start loving it. Its beautiful but it need practice and dedication.

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    rohit1 is offline eTI Member
    Hey no subject is as hard. It is just your interest and the way you understand the topics of the subject. Every subject is good if you are interested in that subject.

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    ggiwebinfo's Avatar
    ggiwebinfo is offline Just in!
    Nothing is difficult in this world and also not everything easy. Math is a subject which require proper dedication and hard work of a student. Students always have to practice more and more for success.

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    Aarish Rizvi's Avatar
    Aarish Rizvi
    Aarish Rizvi is offline eTI Bronze
    Regular practice is the key to get pro in Mathematics..

    I also Agree what Rohit1 said..

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    bobby11 is offline Newbie
    Mathematical is a subject in which anyone can get full marks and this is the most interesting subject to work on.

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    bobby11 is offline Newbie
    Mathematical is a subject where you can earn full marks. Secondly it depends on the students interest what subject they would love to opt? Mostly kids has the fobia that math is very tough but i think with practice you can get great grades.

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    NishantKhare is offline Just in!
    Math is neither easy nor difficult. It depends on the mindset of the learner how he takes math. Math is difficult to those who are afraid of it

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