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Woke Up From Death And Then Died!!!


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    Priya Jain
    Priya Jain is offline eTI Member

    Woke Up From Death And Then Died!!!

    Hi Buddies!!!

    Be prepared for a shock of your life!!!!!

    In June 2011, Robert Williams of England collapsed and was declared by Doctors. The next day was his funeral and his relatives and close friends had gathered to perform his last rites. Then what happened shocked everyone present there..

    Robert Williams woke up from her funeral and started screaming. He screamed so much that he died five minutes later of a heart attack......

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    Ravinder Oberoi
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    Amazing as well as Horrifying !!!! Strange and Mind Boggling!!!

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    Sneha Singh
    Sneha Singh is offline Newbie

    Can someone explain what had happened to this guy !!!!

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    Pulkit's Avatar
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    Yeah, this is very strange.

    What could have happened is, due to low blood pressure or otherwise, his pulse rate and heart beat might have slowed down so much that even doctors were not able to notice it. Hence, they declared him dead. Meanwhile, he was perhaps, fatal. It also happens if you take particular kind of drugs. Later, when he resumed his heartbeat and pulse, he got up. Was horrified with the funeral scene and got a heart attack.

    This could be a case !!

    But its a nice sharing !

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    Savera's Avatar
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    But don't you think if heart beat is stopped as well as circulation of blood, a person can actually have tissues died including brain in such cases ?

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