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Why Does Hair Turns White When One Grews Older?


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    Dr. Food
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    Why Does Hair Turns White When One Grews Older?

    Hi ETI Friends!!!!

    An Interesting Fact About Hairs:

    Two stem cells Melanocytes and Epithelial Cells work together to make strands of Hair. As one grew older these cells slow down and loose their ability to produce Melanin. Melanin is a pigment that gives hair it's color. The lack of this pigment Melanin whitens the hair....

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    priyarawat229 is offline eTI Member
    There was a time when the hair turning white was thought to be old age, but that is not always the case since people in their 20s and even younger can get gray hair too. So why does hair turn gray? Some people say it has to do with stress or having some sort of traumatic episode, but there is no scientific evidence to prove this one way or the other.

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    dhanu007 is offline Just in!
    thanks for your valuable information..........................

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    Satavisa Chaudhuri
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    Wow! this is really a good piece of information! Thanks so much..

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    rohit1 is offline eTI Member
    Hey, that's good piece of information. So if we give proper nutrition and take regular care of hairs then possibility of happening white hairs reduces ??

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    I have also notice people at young age with grey hairs. It can be also due to lifestyle. Sometimes water impurities can also be the reason for grey hairs.

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    gauranggups is offline Just in!
    premature graying of basically due to many reason. lack of good nutrition , vitamin, low haemoglobine, hereditary and familial cause are responsible for graying of hair. multivitamins may help in graying of hair.

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    Savera's Avatar
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    But what about those who are living healthy life, like athletes, because they are living a life where they have to remain fit, they take protein, vitamins and all such stuff, still they have grey and white white hairs at young ages ? What could be reason in their case ?

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    gauranggups is offline Just in!
    many times there is no reason. it just happens. just like few people have curly hair few people have straight hair. it just hair nature. hair dye is best option.

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    Savera's Avatar
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    Ok.. but don't you think Hair dye is harmful for hairs ?

    I have question for you here :
    Hina or Hair Dye

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    gauranggups is offline Just in!
    few companies like garnier natural hair color is good. its not harmful. i prefer this to Hina.

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    Why does Hair Turn Grey?

    Stress is one of the major factors influencing hair growth and graying.

    Having excess chocolate, caffeine and few other foods are said to trigger premature graying.

    Excess bile secretion is also blamed for premature graying.

    As for hair dye, side-effects are inevitable. Using henna or tea is said to help with masking gray hair ... however, hair color looks more brown than black when using it .... milder hair dyes are now available and can be considered for working men/women.

    Hope it helps.

    Best Regards

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    Very nice and informative.... thnxx for sharing with us....

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