Hi to All
Nowadays the dependancy on medicne for health has become very normal
when a body has to be healthy, it needs proper food, proper rest, and proper exercise
leaving all these things people depend mainly on medines
they do not realise the side efefcts of these types of medicine
once i went to a doctor who gave me some medicine for health
he did not tell me that the side effcet of this medicne would be restlessness
this medicne had disastrous effects on me and led to admitting in the hospital
still now i experinece the sdie effcets of that medicne after 3 years
so insteda of beliveing the harmful english medines why dont we go to alternative therapies like acupressure, acupuncture, bach flower remedies, homeopathy , siddha, ayurveda whcih wil not only treat the body but also help in rejuvenating the body
More in the Next post about alternative therapies
Happy and Healthy Living