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Mr. White Mr. Black Review: Hindi Movie Review


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    Mr. White Mr. Black Review: Hindi Movie Review


    Complete Cast and Crew of Mr. White Mr. Black

    Bipin Shah

    Deepak Shivdasani

    Star Cast
    Sunil Shetty
    Arshad Warsi
    Sandhya Mridul
    Upasna Singh
    Vrajesh Hirjee
    Tania Zaetta
    Sharat Saxena
    Mahima Mehta
    Ning (Miss Thailand)
    Anishka Khosla
    Bobby Darling
    Rashmi Nigam
    Sadashiv Amrapurkar
    Aashish Vidyarthi
    Atul Kale
    Kiran Kumar
    Manoj Joshi
    Shehzad Khan
    Deep Dhillon
    Shravan Chhabria
    Kamala Ning

    Cassettes and CD's on
    Eros Music

    Daler Mehndi
    Asha Bhosle
    Mika Singh
    Sukhwinder Singh
    Vasundhara Das
    Neeraj Shridhar
    Suzanne D'Mello
    Kunal Ganjawala
    Udit Narayan
    Alka Yagnik
    Swata Mohanty
    Sonu Nigam
    Shailendra Singh
    Tauseef Akhtar


    Music Director
    Shamir Tandon
    Tauseef Akhtar
    Jatin Pandit
    Lalit Pandit

    Background Music
    Sunil Singh

    Thomas Xavier

    Chinni Prakash
    Rekha Chinni Prakash


    Abbas Ali Moghul

    Aashish Ranade

    Steven Bernard


    Sanjay Pawar
    Nishikant Kamat

    Venu Gopal

    Sanjay Pawar
    Nishikant Kamat

    Ashley Rebello
    Naveen Shetty

    Media Relations

    Gopal Pandey
    Firoza Kapadia
    Vijay Grover

    Publicity Designs
    Studio Link

    Story / Writer

    Deepak Shivdasani

    White House Productions Limited
    Eros Entertainment
    Bollywood Movie Mr. White Mr. Black Review

    A movie after long time from Deepak Shivdasani as director / write. Its been long time after his movie Julie which was total failure though gave fame to Neha Dhupia. Mostly I used to think if a writer who directs a movie or even better if a director with couple of direction experience directs a movie which is also written by him .. expects to have a good result. So this movie who is written as well directed by Deepak Shivdasani expects more but sadly, it is just nothing more than couple of disappointments.

    Current trend of going comic is adopted by Deepak Shivdasani and seems that it was a bad attempt from him. The movie moves around two person among which one is Kishan (Arshad Warsi) who leaves his village Hoshiyarpur in order to earn money to provide higher education to his sister is now a experienced conman and with the help of Babu (Atul Kale), he is happy in conning business.

    On the other hand we have GOPI (Sunil Shetty) who is simple man and he has to fulfill his father's last wish to give a part of land to his childhood friend Kishan. He moves to Goa to bring back Kishan but Gopi on the other hand is no interested in that piece of land and hence is not willing to go back.

    However, there is again a so called and so famous diamond mystery (can't they find something else to make suspense ?), those diamonds were stolen by three beautiful girls ( who ofcourse had nothing to say in movie apart of coming in and out).

    Later it founds that all 3 girls are in a resort and all rest of character of movie ended up in that resort to get the diamonds.

    Arshad Warsi, he does not need any introduction, he has his own class of comedy and we all know that if there is Arshad then there is comedy however what made him to choose this movie is totally beyond the understanding. Similarly Sunil Shetty, a character with such caliber is there in this movie. Well, totally waste of talent of both. Arshad Warsi tries to make you laugh but was total fail.

    Songs feels as if Sameer knew he should not try much to good any good lyrics. Music looks like if lagging behind in the time. Surely not capable enough to remember.

    Nothing much to say about any other as all failed to show any presence. Over all you will wonder where the script and where these all are going. Everything in the movie is just obvious that you dont find your self attached to the whole drama. Humour is low of the class which will hardly make you feel it.

    However I will call it Lame!

    PS: Do cast your vote about the movie.

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    skyizm is offline Newbie

    Re: Mr. White Mr. Black Review: Hindi Movie Review

    sunil shetty is looking cool in this movie

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    skyizm is offline Newbie

    Re: Mr. White Mr. Black Review: Hindi Movie Review

    Arshad warsi did a great job in this movie

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    archy22 is offline Newbie

    Re: Mr. White Mr. Black Review: Hindi Movie Review

    this was a wonderful skin pinching comedy movie. i really enjoyed a lot watching it

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    sportfree is offline eTI Iron

    Re: Mr. White Mr. Black Review: Hindi Movie Review

    Haven't seen the movie but the name sounds good !!


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    rock_amol is offline eTI Iron

    Re: Mr. White Mr. Black Review: Hindi Movie Review

    Sunil Shetty Look Very Changeing

    check more Details

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    balram Guest

    Re: Mr. White Mr. Black Review: Hindi Movie Review

    i love this movie

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