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Gali Gali Chor Hai Hindi Movie Review (2012)


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    Gali Gali Chor Hai Hindi Movie Review (2012)

    Gali Gali Chor Hai is a story about a common man in the grip of corruption. Its timing couldn't have been more correct, with the public mood so intently focused on corruption because of the Anna Hazare's campaign about the corruption and this was primarily the reason why this film was shown to Anna Hazare in a special screening in Ralegan Siddhi. This film showcases how Indian common man is still ruled by red-tapism. Conquered by corruption the maximum he can do is hurl a shoe at bureaucracy or slap the system.

    Common Man, Bharat which is played by Akshaye Khanna who is a cashier in a bank in Bhopal, and also has a passion for Acting and plays the role of Hanuman in the local Ramleela year after year aspiring to upgrade to the lead role of Ram someday. His father played by Satish Kaushik wants him to switch from playing Hanuman to Ram some day. His wife Nisha played by Shriya Saran is a teacher who is somehow convinced that her husband is having an affair with their paying guest played by Mugdha Godse leaves home and swears never to return.

    Drama start's when when he refuses to offer his house for the political campaign of a local candidate played by Murli Sharma, the politico's younger brother played by Amit Mistry gets him embroiled in a bureaucratic mess. The politician's supporters embroil him in a bureaucratic nightmare where he is forced to retrieve a table fan which is supposedly stolen from him, for which he has to bribe everyone from the constable, witness, lawyer to even the thief. He ends up paying a fortune for the fan, which, in first place, was never his. Problems persist when he wishes to get rid of the ill-fated fan.

    The basic plot reminds us of Pankaj Kapur's popular TV series ' Office Office' which highlighted the common man's helpless against a corrupt system. The writers Mumukshu Mudgal and Rumy Jafry has not an impressive job which they were capable of delivering. Director Rumy Jafry never makes his common-man protagonist larger-than-life, perhaps implying that there is no practical solution to the widespread disease of corruption. The hero waving the national flag in end credits signifies the hollow patriotism. The dialogues are more often sarcastic suggesting that it was a intended effort to make this film to be a caustic satire on the present bureaucratic system in country.

    Akshaye Khanna has done a pleasant job despite very less offered by the script. He convincingly brings out the pain and susceptibility of a common man without overdoing it either. Annu Kapoor, as the corrupt constable justifies the role and has given a decent performance. Satish Kaushik plays his part well. Shriya Saran looks beautiful however Mughda Godse was absolutely avoidable. Veena Malik's item number is downright vulgar and is not needed at all in the story.

    The film offers a satire on the bureaucratic system and can be termed as a average film.

    Verdict: Average

    Cast: Akshaye Khanna, Annu Kapoor, Satish Kaushik, Mughda Godse, Shriya Saran

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    RobertFedricks Guest
    Hi Sunny Leone!!!

    Thanks For the review!!

    But Seriously is anyone interested in watching this movie!!!

    The answer is A BIG NO

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