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'India-the Elephant & China -the roaring Tiger of the World Economic Forest '


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    erksar is offline Newbie

    'India-the Elephant & China -the roaring Tiger of the World Economic Forest '

    It was rightly told that our India is an Elephant & China, the roaring Tiger. The international economic boom cycle is now turning towards Asian Continent correctly.

    We started our independent economy under a democratic visionary Jawaharlal Nehru. It took more than 50 years for us to have a liberal economic visionary like Dr Manmohan Singh to bring the Indian Economy on the growth track. The Elephant has just waked up from its sleep.

    It has to walk and keep walking.

    History has shown that real dynamic leaders have so far arisen during crisis only in every country. Right from M K Gandhi in India, Abraham Lincoln in USA, Mao in China, Lenin in Russia and others.

    We have to be aware of the silent crisis in our Indian soil. The writing on the wall is that the present youth are thoroughly disgusted with our slow growth and caste based and region based politics, policies, educational systems and decisions, which are no way going to help our growth.

    Our political leadership is talking of Economic Reform in the name of Market Economy.
    Who has to take care of the Political Reforms? And the real Social & Educational Reforms? Have we opened up the Educational Sector?

    Are we bringing Discipline in our core fields? Democracy does not mean that we should not have any kind of discipline. Democracy without Discipline is only anarchy. What China is achieving is mostly due to Discipline - may be in the name of single party Dictatorship.

    We preach in the Business Platforms to think Globally and act locally. We are not thinking even nationally in so may spheres of development and act not locally.

    Let us have our core strengths from our traditional Indian way of life - may be a Hindu way of life and society. There is nothing wrong in going for the true Indian way. We have already done a 100 % export of the best of Hinduism - that is Buddhism. The present Asian tigers mostly follow our Buddhism and flourish by their right disciplinary attitudes.

    People like Narayanamurthy, Ratan Tata, and APJ Abdul Kalam & Dr Manmohan Singh can bring the real economic revolution in India. And not from irresponsible money -elephants like those who build mansions for personal living for about 2 Billion US $. This is not the dharmahartha principle for which our Mahatma Gandhi shed his blood and life. And our great Nethaji went into ashes.

    Our Industrial Tycoons should start giving back to society the gold mines they have exploited.

    To quote our Great Swami Vivekananda, we need at least 100 national volunteers to spearhead a real Indian Renaissance Movement.

    Can our Institutions like CII and FICCI start real Indian Institutes of Excellence in multi disciplines to mould thousands of youth? About 100 such Institutes can bring in the Total Revolution in India. Our Governments and the common men should be willing to gladly mobilize vast lands for these great revolutions to happen in our soil with the needed speed and donations

    A Nation is built on its people only. We have enormous talented youth- the 'clicks' - to be harnessed/clicked properly by the old- the 'bricks '- by a golden blend so as to reap the harvest of the growing world economy, which expects more from Indians

    A country of talented & devoted youth can only make the Indian Elephant to Run & keep running to win.

    Thanking you

    Er Ramalingam K S
    Engineering & Management Consultant
    Delaware -USA

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    Pluto is offline eTI Iron

    Re: 'India-the Elephant & China -the roaring Tiger of the World Economic Forest '

    Our electorate is basically simple folks who are more worried about their daily
    food than tomorrow's future. The politicians have a trump card here..To exploit
    this massive bank of poverty to their benefit and hence, almost all political
    parties in India have a vested interest in the poverty of the nation.

    having said that, what about our intellectuals. Overall they have failed
    miserably. Bulk of them are selfish individuals when it comes to putting
    the country first over family members. They are a disgrace.

    Personally I am disgusted when I hear people talking about India booming,
    India this and India that. This self glorification does not do any good at
    all to the country except enable the netas and babus to continue their
    mediocre, incompetent stay in power by exploiting the poor India's need
    and the desire to have some national pride.

    In my opinion, we should all be critical of our leaders. Not praise them and
    put them on a pedestal. We worship netas .

    Basically our leaders do not know they are incompetent. They are busy used
    to people coming to them and touching their feet that they think they
    are demi gods. And all wisdom is residing in the.

    This is our biggest mistake. We therefore need to benchmark ourselves against
    competence and efficiency..not against self praise and self glorification
    which is hypocrisy against the back drop of 700 million Indians groveling
    in poverty for the last sixty years since independence. Shame on the netas and
    babus of India.

    [email protected]

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    erksar is offline Newbie

    Re: 'India-the Elephant & China -the roaring Tiger of the World Economic Forest

    Reengineering the District Planning& Development in India

    I would like to suggest the following to revamp the district-wise development management & quality monitoring in our Indian Administrative setup. We have already seen that the world economy is putting heavy demand on India and expect the Elephant-like Indian Economy to not only do a brisk walking but also to run to match the roaring Tiger of the Asian Giant, China. In continuation of my earlier thoughts on the above subject in which I called for the establishment of 100 Institutes of Excellence by the Industrial bodies like CII, I would like to put forward my suggestions for revamping of our Development Administration in our nation.

    We are talking of Quality Management System everywhere. But we have not embarked on any Quality Management Systems for our nation building activities. I trust that there might have been some kind of monitoring in our administrative systems. As an Engineer with experience in State Engineering Services as well as private sector and as an active office bearer in the Indian Institution of Plant Engineers by virtue of being the Editor of its Plant Engineering Journal -PEJ, I would like to suggest the following.
    Responsible citizens might have observed the facts that of late there seems to be no kind of coordination between various functional engineering departments – whether State or Central in our country, The landing of Right to Information is a step in the right direction. Very senior people who might have seen the British way of administrations in India use to grumble that the British are really good in these aspects.

    One important point I observed is that during that period there were less number of Engineering Departments with less ladder of power execution of power etc and decision making. We have expanded the Departments in State as well as Central levels. Now we have expanded to meet the increased population and services to meet the current needs. But we have lost coordination among the various agencies.

    We are at loss to see the same road newly laid by one agency to be dug out for telephone lines the very next day and then by other agency for drainage works next day and then for power line problems thereafter etc .It has become that order of the day.

    Every department meeting the yearly target for Expenses sake, the common man is not benefited, the contractor gets the money. The Engineers get the employments.

    Who is to blame? Which agency is there in India to control this wasteful expenditure? After IT and mapping and satellites scanning we can have an on-line map of development works by various departments and a ingle agency should be there to monitor, coordinate and measure quality so that we are not wasting our public money.

    The Post of Collector was initiated by the British to collect the public land revenue and taxes. Over a period of time we have expanded his line of control everywhere and over burdened him a lot.
    Why cannot we think of a Development Directorate at District levels to monitor to coordinate and mange the quality aspects of our developmental aspects and relieve the Collector to fully do administration and related areas?

    Let us give equal status/power to these two people at the District level. Let every department continue to be answerable to their state heads for the functional areas. And the District level head with equal powers of a State Secretary. In this connection I would like to appreciate the basic idea under which our Honorable First Prime Minister established the DGSD. Let us not repeat the same mistake of not utilizing the concept while establishing this dual –administration, I am suggesting.

    Let us float the thoughts for wide debates and embark on these administrative reforms.

    Let us not create a commission to get voluminous reports and put in the dustbins of our secretariats along with some old ones.

    Let us make it a time bound initiative to really kick our Indian Elephant to run to meet the challenges and harness the opportunities for our well-being

    Let us do a fast march to reach our goal of making the India really great by 2020, the dream of our great visionary Dr A P Abdul Kalam, our second Mahatma

    Er Ramalingam K S
    Engineering & Management Consultant
    Now in Wilmington –Delaware -USA
    Emails: [email protected] [email protected]

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    erksar is offline Newbie

    Re: 'India-the Elephant & China -the roaring Tiger of the World Economic Forest

    Why are the Indian cities so dirty?

    · Because we all are free Indians
    · Because we don’t have a committed Bureaucracy.
    · Because we don’t have a committed Judiciary.
    · Because we don’t have a systematic public administrative system.
    · Because we don’t have disciplined public/ politicians/executives.
    · Because we need a Localized Urban Planning which is also responsible to maintain and with powers to punish the defaulters.
    · Because we lack a system of moral & social education.
    · Because we are not sufficiently alerted /warned about the implications of having a dirty environment.
    · Because we are not worried about the outside dirtiness but worried about inner cleanness.
    · Because we are not fully aware that outside dirtiness will also affect our inside living.
    · Because we won’t mind to spend for Doctors /Medicines/Water Bottles instead of Taxes and Social responsibilities of having a greener environments
    · Because we have forgotten to provide Safe & Pure waters.
    · Because we have polluted the waterways.
    · Because we are prepared to pay more for Waters than to Milk.
    · Because there is no movement in India to get Safe water: but so much of noise about reservations for castes.
    · Because there is no system to bring in accountability for Politicians/ Bureaucrats/Business Man and Common man
    · Because we pay taxes to urban water & drainage boards without getting any water from them or a clean environments.
    · Because we are adding pollutions and not green friendly.

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