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Tatoo - Body Art!!


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    Tatoo - Body Art!!

    Meaning of Tattoo
    Different people have different opinions about the meaning of the word, tattoo. According to many, the word reminds of the sounds made by the tattooing machine while making tattoos on the skin of those being tattooed. Then, there is another school of thought which says that the name tattoo is derived from the Polynesian word "ta" which means striking something. It is interesting to note that in England the word tattoo was common much before the voyage of Cook. In England the word tattoo was used to describe the beating of military drums. As both the words have their roots in Latin for marking the action of striking or beating, over the years they might have got rolled into one.

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    Re: Tatoo - Body Art!!

    Types of Tattoos

    Abstractions are tattoo designs that are mostly derived from archaic tattooing. Almost all the tribal tattoos belong to this category, as well as Celtic or modern, western abstract designs.

    Naturalistic Tattoos

    When attempt is made to portray some things in naturalistic style, they tend to take natural form. Naturalistic tattoos fall in this category. The portrayal involves detailing, shading and perspective to make an image look realistic.

    Pledge or Dedication Deigns
    These kinds of designs are associated with sailor or 'traditional' western tattooing. Some examples of pledge or dedicated tattoos are the heart and name banner tattoo, the anchor with a ship name, and the insignia of a military regiment.

    Simplifications or Stylized Designs
    Simplifications or Stylized appear in all styles of pictures. This may range from a cartoon character, flash from the wall of the tattoo shop to animals or flowers. You can also stylize non-flash, custom tattoos. This may include hearts, stylized flowers, leaves, and other images and characters.

    Complex Structures or Combinations
    Another popular tattoo type is complex structures like the traditional Japanese body suits or an amalgamation of images and characters which are not directly associated with each other.

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    Re: Tatoo - Body Art!!

    Caution: Tattooing is painful.

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    Re: Tatoo - Body Art!!

    tattoos luk gud in body . yea it is painful while making tattoos in body but it is more painful when u want 2 erase tattoos coz u hve 2 play a huge amount of money in plastic or cosmetic surgery.

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    Re: Tatoo - Body Art!!

    In previous days they used to pierce tattoos in needle fixed in the bamboo stick but now s days they use machines to pierce the body... i like piercing tattoos ... i have pierced on my shoulder....

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