1 . Algorithm + ____________ = Programme

2. A graph with outself-loop and parallel edges is __________.
3. Derive works on the strategy of “first in first out” (true/false).
4. Linked list is a __________ data structure
5 A tree is a _____________ graph without any ___________
The traversal of a binary is ___________ node at least _________
6. Preorder traversal of an expression binary tree yields ___________

The effectiveness of the algorithm before it is coded is a process called___________
2. Testing a program really involves two phases___________and___________
3. Linear and non-linear data structures are main category of ___________data structures.
4. Most common application of a queue in computer application is for___________
5. The number of edges incident on a vertex Vi, with self-loops counted ___________is called the
6. A___________is a convenient and useful way of representing a graph.
7. A tree is a connected graph without any___________
8. ___________method is used to search for a word in the dictionary.
9. In insertion sorting elements are added to the sorted sequence in an___________order.
10. In making the decision about whether to write an algorithm in recursive or non-recursive form, it
is always advisable to considered___________structure for the problem.
11. A binary tree which is maximally accommodated with all leaves at the same level is
called___________binary tree.
12. In static allocation, we have two ways of representing the binary tree. One is through adjacency
matrices and other through___________
13. Post order traversing of a Binary expression tree, give___________expression.