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A-Z Reason Why you will LOVE / Hate Your Windows Phone 7


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    A-Z Reason Why you will LOVE / Hate Your Windows Phone 7

    There are many people out there who says they are in love with their new WP7 based phone, I definitely agree with them, here are the list of A-Z reason for which they may fall in love with their new windows 7 phone (Based upon experience with Mango update). So, read on and decide if you love windows 7 phone for following reason or hate it ?

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    Lets Start

    a. You want your phone to do many things but you don't even understand logic behind 90% of them

    b. You like bright colors ..

    c. You just love MS (because you started using computer with MS windows)

    d. If you don't know what is difference between AVI, MP4 , 3GP etc. etc.

    e. You will love it if you have never used any true smartphone previously.

    f. You have heard a lot about cloud storage but don't really know what they are.. but want to use them as it sound cool

    h. You fall in category of rich and spoiled.

    i. You still uses IE in your computer so you are ok with IE phone

    j. You and your friends have very fast 3G unlimited internet on your phones so that even if you are sitting on same desk, you will use internet to transfer files among each other.

    k. You have your computer around you 24hours so that if you need music , you can transfer it anytime using zune ..

    l. If you decide to watch a movie on go, you can wait for hours to get that movie transcoded into qHD format by zune before transferring to your phone.

    j. You hardly login to any single site with two login IDs.. because in WP7 you need to logout first and then login with different ID in IE. (you don't have choices of browsers)

    k. You hardly uses tabs in browsing or you are OK with lame tab system you see in WP7 IE

    l. You never download mp3 online.

    m. You never use your phone for chatting live through phone.

    n. You don't know and don't want to know how and where files are stored on phone.

    o. You never use your phone's 16GB / 8GB memory as medium to transfer files from one computer to other.

    p. You are OK with reading 1000 page PDF file on your phone where to go to your page number 799, you have to scroll through each page because there is no jumpto button in adobe pdf reader for WP7

    q. You don't care to loose skype call because in WP7, skype can't receive call if running in background.

    r. In browsing, you hardly use Forward button (there isn't any for IE wp7)

    s. You are ok that Zune starts syncing your phone if you have setup WIFI without your knowledge everytime WIFI is on and its connected to power point. (You asked your friend to setup WIFI for you)

    u. You rarely need to download files more than 20MB even if you have 21mbps 3.5G connection because in WP7, you need WIFI to download larger files ..

    v. Even if you have WIFI n , you need to connect your phone physically to computer to download files larger than 100mb

    w. You are happy to ditch Google docs etc.. which you were using from log in favour of MS office 365

    x . Again you are happy to live without free google service like ROUTING etc.. navigation guide as maps in WP7 is still working on them (I hope so).

    y. Rooting, dual boot , Jail break etc.. are stupid things.

    z. You have lots of money hence you don't care how much data charge may incure while doing all transfer through sky drive etc... as you can't do it through BT in usual way.

    Even more in case you find some of the reason gave above are invalid, you can substitute them from one of the following:

    1. You don't care about apps (sooner or later, there will be good apps in market place of WP7)
    2. You will never think about changing layout of your phone view / UI
    3. You will not use too much of application as then Live Tiles may get cluttered
    4. You don't care if phone is operating in 3G or 2G mode, you don't need to change it.
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