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Suggest a good Tennis Elbow brace company in india.


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    amraghu is offline Just in!

    Suggest a good Tennis Elbow brace company in india.

    dear all,

    please suggest a good tennis elbow supporter/brace.i experienced tennis elbow in 2010.stopped going to gym.now i am resuming and i fear i will get it again.pls suggest a good one that is good in quality.I stay at Hyderabad.


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    Ricky is offline eTI Silver
    There is some variation in tennis elbow type of injuries, depending upon type of injury / situation you have, you may need to change some of your exercising habits, you may need to stop some exercise specially for your triceps.

    Regarding good braces, you should not worry, just get any good elbow braces , generally normal wrist braces used just below your elbow joint works best.
    Below are the braces you need, they are cheap and you can find them any sports store or surgical instrument supplier.
    Name:  elbow-band.jpg
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    And you can wear them as shown below :
    Click image for larger version. 

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    Apart of that you have to make sure you do lots of warm-up before doing any exercise which involves high pressure on elbow joints, take ample of rest after exercise. Warm-up should be gradual and any movement which is making you uncomfortable should be avoided.

    Good luck , let me know if it helps.

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    amraghu is offline Just in!
    dear Ricky,

    thanks a lot for your prompt reply.I am doing Max OT training.thou it is hard it is worth.i got pain on the outside bone of the elbow joint."normal braces just below the elbow"-as the pain will come to the elbow,will it stop the injury of the tendon.
    I got a doubt.pic1 2 normal braces are shown.but in pic2 some fastener is shown to lock both the braces.will they come with the braces or they must be taken separately? i need to build my body.do or die situation. b coz of this prob i fear going to gym.please suggest me the good brand also if possible.

    thanks a lot...

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    Ricky is offline eTI Silver
    Max OT is now a popular name but its essentially a weight training program and for you it must be a big NO as of now. If you are facing any kind of pinch / pain around elbow tendon areas, you should immediately take rest and or atleast avoid exercising exerting pressure on elbow tendons (like triceps and pects workouts).

    You can get back to normal but with some precautions,
    1. Above all, do not panic, you will learn to live with it and it will gradually fade away (ie. this problem)
    2. Avoid any exercise causing pain / pinch , try alternate moves / exercise
    3. Have plenty of rest
    4. Increase warm-up time, start with bare hands and then light weight and gradually increase as per your capacity.
    5. Make sure you do proper stretching after workout

    Now regarding braces, just visit store nearby and try them , the one those suits you are best for you, you may have to do some trial, the second picture is another kind of braces those not easy to find but are adjustable.

    If possible for you, visit some orthopedic and ask him to give you some medication (anti inflammatory) , it will help.

    In the last, try to gain some knowledge about this physical problem, if you can understand it properly then you can deal with it effectively.

    Good and hope to you see you around.

    Do share what you achieve

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    amraghu is offline Just in!
    dear ricky,

    thank you for enlightening me.as if now I dont have any pain.I had TE in 2010.it is in the right elbow.my left is stronger.I had to stop going gym.I like max ot very much.if I got a good elbow brace can i continue with Max Ot.does wrist brace also helps avoiding TE.also i goggled on TE.I found that the fore arm muscles should be strengthened to avoid TE.I will follow those tips.thanks for your concern...

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    Ricky is offline eTI Silver
    Hi ,

    I am not saying that you should not do Max OT, all I am saying that you should start gradually and as you gain strength and also learn to adopt with your current condition, you can move to heavy workout, just make sure that you understand signals of your body.

    Wrist band does help and generally they are advised to everyone (specially arms workout) those are doing weight training. They also save yourself from unwanted injuries.

    Good luck !

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    Brian Reddy
    Brian Reddy is offline Just in!
    Pay close attention to your wrist when you exercise.

    Tennis elbow is caused by excessively bending the wrist backwards during all kinds of elbow bending movements.

    You want to start focusing on keeping the palm up (like a bicep curl) and the wrist completely straight.

    Elbow braces are merely a band aid for tennis elbow. Get rid of what's causing the issue in the first place!

    Here is an example of elbow/wrist movement that causes tennis elbow: Tennis elbow: Elbow flexion with excessive wrist extension - YouTube

    Hope this helps. Let me know if you need more help.

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