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Hosting a Hostile country


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    Hosting a Hostile country

    In the light of new facts revealed by terrorist Abu Jundal and with govt's claim that it now has perfect proves of ISI's involvement in exporting terrorism to India, enlightened BCCI has decided to resume cricket ties with Pakistan. This decision came when not even a fortnight has passed when massive anti India protest was organised by hardliners in Pakistan. BCCI also forgot Pak envoy Salman Bashir's claim that it is incredible and unbelievable that ISI could be involved in terrorist strikes in India.
    In support of this some feeble arguments are again spreading wings among intellectual fraternity that games should be kept beyond politics. Similar arguments pour in from govt side without throwing any lights on previous failures which ultimately ended in catastrophe. But who is actually linking games with politics ? This is done by those who find political solution impossible and tend to start games with Pakistan though they are fully aware of the game Pakistan is playing with India.
    It is true that we should have good relations with neighbors but how much good relations we can have with a neighbor who is adamant on throwing garbage in our house ? Why do critics and scribes fail to address anti India campaign of Pakistan where even text books are full of venom against India. Fact remains that neither the govt nor the majority people of Pakistan are interested in having cordial relations with India.
    BCCI is going to become host of a hostile country. India behaves like a weak big country and Pakistan is enjoying the fruits. Resume talks, resolve key issues with Pakistan first and then only try to entertain Indian people with cricket and amusements with Pakistan.

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    Agree with our views, appreciate it even more for the fact that you have stressed on resuming "talks". Its the only and best diplomatic way for our problems. Kudos.

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