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My girl changed after sex with other guy- I need her atlest as friend


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    My girl changed after sex with other guy- I need her atlest as friend

    hey i met this girl in february and we get along with very well and i really very very attached with her and she also used to say so i dont know right or wrong. but in may she had sex with any other guy and after having sex she started feeling for him and did not tell me and after ignoring on those 3 may days she comes back to me and talking as usual. but now when i doubt i cleary ask that guy and he told me all thing that she also send some senti messages to him again and again , beg him that he wants him and now she is saying that why u tell all this to him? u ruined my image? get lost from my life? i dont wanna even remember you. i love him not you. but i dont want to come in between them , i know its difficult but i cant force her to love me. so i just wanna be in touch with her only as a friend. i beg him for her friendship but she always reply get lost and never come back to me. her birthday is after 1 week should i wish? how much time should i give her to be normal? and at last is their any method so that i can get her as my gf again :P

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    Aarish Rizvi
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    HI Aman, welcome to this community, but your question is not quite clear, there is mix up him / her and I am not able to get real question. Do you want to say that she now don't want to talk to you because asked about her sex with other guy ?

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    Hi aman006,

    Basically what I can see from your situation is that your girl is right now not interested in getting into any relationship with you. Moreover the way you inquired about her relationship with the other guy has broken her completely. So, as of now all you can do is just be friends with her even if she is ignoring you, comfort her, talk to her about anything other than love and her past life and give her a chance to gain the lost trust in you. Remember whatever happened was her call. She did it because she wanted it and so nowhere you are responsible for the same.
    You want to be her to be your girlfriend, that good, but right now its the time when you should show up some maturity to her and try to become good friends with her. Tell her that whatever happened with her makes difference to your life and your relationship with her. Moreover it has not affected her image because having sex with someone is just normal these days and if she did, it was all because she was in love and hence its absolutely fair. Moreover, only you are the one who knows about this and obviously, you are not going to tell about this to anyone.

    Also, wish her on her birthday and try to afford a birthday present for her. If she disagrees to take it, just leave the present with her and give her a choice to either accept it or throw it. Continue to be friends with her, apologize for what you did and I guess things will be fine.
    All The Best !!!
    Take Care !!!

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    I think you should leave her, she feels disgusted in front of you, it will take her good time to recover but she will always remember this insider her that you know she cheated you. It will hard for her to get normal with you. I am telling you being a girl.

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