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Middle class boy in love with girl of upper high class family


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    Middle class boy in love with girl of upper high class family

    Hi myself hanif and i love her right from my school days , college and now i am working in bank . As her family well settled family she fears to speak about our love to her parents as i am from middle class and slowing growing up.

    What cani i do immediately from my side to get her i.e whether can i go directly to her home ? or can i speak to her brother first ? or else what....

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    Hello Hanif,

    First and the foremost thing, don't rush !!! Rather deal with things practically. Your emotional part was that you fell in love with her, now its the time when you need to be practical enough to handle things further. Going to her house and talking to her parents is just an absurd idea and I really dont appreciate it. Instead, encourage your girlfriend to take the first step. You need to talk to her and tell her sooner or later she has to disclose it to the family and if she continues to make these delays, she will find herself in soup. Try to make her understand, there is nothing to fear about it. Its okay if she is not comfortable telling her parents about it right now, she can get in touch with her siblings( eg, brother) at home and tell him/her the complete matter. Since her brother is of same age group, I don't think so, he will find it difficult to connect himself to her situation. Next step would be to organize a meeting between you and her brother, so that he gets an idea as to what you are.
    And then,after her brother is convinced with you, he can help you guys out to disclose the matter to the family and settle things up.

    This is what I feel is the best way you can adopt. And if in case, you are planning to talk to her parents, ask her to at least introduce you as a friend in the family, so that her parents get to know that there is a guy named, Hanif, in her life. Slowly and steadily, when they accept this friendship of yours, you guys can announce your love for each other to them. Okay ??
    All The Best !!!
    Take Care !!!

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