Bollywood has a penchant with everything firang, and this Superman movie is a stellar example of how film makers lap up and try to imitate everything that they make it out there in Hollywood. These movie stars Puneet Issar as Superman, Shakti Kapoor as the desi Lex Luthor, and an unnamed heroine as Issar’s love interest. The movie is a frame to frame copy of the cult original, and some sequences seem quite surprisingly similar to the original movie and other stock photography.

The movie begins with Dharmendra playing an unnamed character, and talking something that seems like the government of a kingdom. He tells them that they should leave the planet, because it is breaking and bursting all by itself. However, they do not agree to it, and Dharmendra decides to send his newborn sun into space, to Earth, so that at least he can survive the destruction that will soon befall the planet. When his son reaches Earth, he is discovered by a scientist and his wife, and they bring him up as their own son, Shekhar. In college, Shekhar befriends Geeta, and becomes enemies with Mr. Verma, played by Shakti Kapoor, who soon becomes the don in the area.

Shekhar soon finds out that he has been adopted, and his father dies of a heart attack. Before dying, his adoptive father tells him that the casket that he was found in is kept in the garage. Quite similar to the actual Superman, he finds an object that lights up as soon as he touches it, and it takes him to a cave, where he speaks with his actual father. His actual father tells him of his past, and tells him that he has come on the planet to rid it of evil. Inexplicably, Shekhar dresses up in the blue and red attire and flies off.

Soon, he begins doing well around, like saving a plane from being hijacked, and being instrumental in arresting an orphanage owner who used to steal all the food that the rich people would donate to the poor, etc. In the process, he starts gaining enemies, and Verma tries to annihilate him a couple of times, but of course, because he is Superman, he fails. Verma is helped in his trade by Bob, the legendary Bob Christo.

Frustrated, Verma researches Superman, and finally learns that the only way he can defeat Superman is by exposing him to an alien artifact, which he does – and they even have a song and dance about how Verma has defeated Superman. However, Superman’s real dad, Dharmendra’s character invokes in Superman strength to throw away the yoke of the alien artifact and escape from the villain’s clutches.

Finally, Verma, who is sitting on a deal that will gain him a 10 crore dollars, which he helpfully tells us is about 1000 crore rupees. The place has residences, but Verma decides to blow the entire place up with dynamite. When Superman comes back to teach Verma a lesson, he decides to blow not only the place, but even the entire country – leaving his area, so that he can make a better price off it. When Superman tries to save these places, he ends up exhausted, and sees earth getting destroyed. At this time, his father comes once again to his rescue, and tells him to move around the sun, and change the rotation – so that the destruction is undone.