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Love and marriage methods----dr.sky


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    Love and marriage methods----dr.sky

    Methods to succeed in love and marriage:

    (This is a conglomeration from different postings placed together, hence may seem disjointed, but the significance remains.)

    It is important to work on all planes or levels: 1) the visible/ earthly / self / intellectual plane – communicating,pleasing, convincing, pacifying the individuals involved & related to the relationship (2) spiritual / karmic / service plane – pouring out love or positive actions into the universe in the corresponding area of one's deficit by helping COUPLES, singles seeking love , women & Elderly (3) celestial / ethereal / divine plane –placing your trust and praying / requesting for your goal, visiting holy places where positive energy fields are noted and where miracles happen (even scientific proof exists.).

    (Find The intellectual aspect in the attachment)
    The Spiritual aspect
    On the invisible aspect, the maya or illusion one has to break through, when there is a deficit or down-slide in the karmic wealth of love and marriage, by getting back to the source of your love, that is God(if you believe), even if you don’t believe in the Creator, follow the rest of the path to the love and marriage(has helped many i know). Each step you take will lead you to a higher step. There is a spiritual side to love and marriage. The path : 1) Have positive belief that this mutual love between both of you will strengthen once again and sustain, if it is meant to be for both of you, it will be with the grace and mercy, but do your part.(2) If you are a Hindu, you can do the Swayamvara parvathi mantra japa – she is the Goddess for success in love and marriage==For Christians, pray to Mother Mary & Saint Joseph(or other couple saints), Saint Valentine==For Muslims, to Allah & couple Saints(there are many couple saints). (3) Fasting (within your body limits or capabilities, only one meal at a time, or give up meat, this directs your inner energies towards your goal; ask the guidance of doctor if you have Q or if you have physical & mental ailments (4) Positive karma(action), (very important, follow this throughout your life) – You both help as many COUPLES as you can(without interfering in their lives or relationships, women should interact more with women if it is a couple so no misunderstandings arise when approached in person.), singles seeking love and women.(be it money wise, your good advice, buying gifts or household items that the couples may require, especially helping in their time of need / with their necessity, helping at weddings etc etc). You will observe that your life will be transformed and love will eventually lead you to wedded bliss. And then the views, perspectives of people around you, the paths,your maze of life changes, so observe closely. Intensify, multiply and focus upon your actions, if you want to see results more quickly. Start with your friends, family,neighbors or just go to your prayer place and distribute what you can. Has helped many I know(patients,clients, family,friends etc).
    And the easiest , fastest and less expensive way of doing karmic action for couples is cooking or buying food or sweets and distributing. Make your wish and give to all without excluding anyone(give to all, couples are bound to be there), appearing in your midst; be it in your family, friends,neighbors, workplace or at your prayer place. The best part about the prayer place is that you can make frequent visits, and do this on a regular basis as often as you can. So start your karmic therapy today and do it as frequently as possible till you see the results and even afterwards. By doing this, it changes the energies / aura of an individual and even if the communication should slow down or come to a dead-end, the way opens for you through the blessings of the couples & people. And by serving humanity, even the divinity in you & in this universe will appear to you in some form or manner. It is important to do today & tomorrow & everyday and not wait for the weekend , your free-time or leisure time, since obstacles or negative energies have a cascading or consecutive effects.
    And for those of you who have tensions with parental relationship, help the elderly homeless and other elders that come on your path of life, this way, the blessings of the elders will prolong and deepen your relation with your own parents.
    ==Celestial / divine aspect.
    Prayers are good & powerful, but to win god's attention, grace and mercy; one has to tame the self and be of service to mankind. It is the combination of the intellect,spirituality and the celestial that can help towards achievement of success..
    Pray by yourself and also get others to pray for your love and marriage.
    And the priest / pujari / mullah, praying regularly, has more abilities & capabilities. Even if you get them to do it, you should also do it, as much as you can.
    More than just doing prayers, all prayers are requests; Taming the self is very important prior to prayer. Being good is essential. Have an understanding that the opposition or obstacle for your marriage can come through any one, it just so happened that it usually comes through the near and dear, be it your parents or your partner’s parents or someone else... Be understanding to their pleas / requests / ambitions for their offspring / children's marriage, to their lack of wisdom or understanding towards your love. Hence Do NOT pour out your sorrows,anger,hatred towards them at any time during prayer. It is not so much them, it is their weakness impinging on your weakness, this is how illusion works in the world confusing people. One must cleanse oneself of all negative emotions / feelings / thoughts, towards anyone, prior to prayer(not just this prayer, but any prayer). . Best to pray with a peaceful and calm mind. One can do this via meditation, nadi shodana(yoga technique, works best to remove the negative energies of self and helps with positivity)
    And pray to whom you already believe in and are praying to + pray to what has been the group belief of many before you and whose name infers the success of love and marriage. Do the Parvathi mantra japa(for Hindus ) as much as you can, that which has been widely accepted & used since ancient times. You can pray to Radha & Krishna or Ram & sita also. In Christianity, Saint Valentine, has poured out his energies by marrying couples and even sacrificed his life for the same sake. These energies or vibrations of the great saints still linger in the universe, fuelled by the positive belief of many devotees. Similarly, it is not just you who will be praying or saying the same mantra or prayer, many will be saying it somewhere on this earth along with you, and hence adding to the already existing vibrations. So, the wishing well has already been constructed for love & marriage , all one has to do is make a wish(when one makes a wish, wish for the best of both partners love & life and for both the families happiness) and throw a coin(your prayer energies & positive karmic action).

    Do heed to all the universal knowledge that has been provided to humanity for their benefit.

    For those of you who are of different religions – pray to whom you already believe in plus pray to the couple saints or gods / goddesses and those whose name is associated with love and marriage be it in your religion or otherwise, since the true aim of love is unity despite disparity. And God = love and love = God. And in love, differences though noticed are accepted. Forgive those who are unable to see the world this way...since they have to become dissolved in love to be a part of that vision.

    Wish you all success in love and marriage,
    (Allopathic Doctor, Relationship Advisor, Spiritualist)
    May contact for more detailed methods or queries,
    [email protected]

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    ===The Intellectual aspect:
    --Timing is essential, be in a working state & financially independent, so you wouldn’t succumb to the lack of it & lose out.
    --Do list all your strong, common & valuable points about your love relationship, better to write in a well-thought out letter than say what comes to one's mind at that point in time; and be nice and good to your elders / parents while trying to convince.
    --If you are not able to, get some one, who is on your side, and whom your parents would listen to and have respect for, to speak on your behalf.
    -- Time and effort from both the partners is required. Relationships are quite complex as life and takes time, just as your love relationship took a great deal of time for it to come to a certain point, both the partners have to be understanding to your parents and give them TIME to understand your relationship. In the mean time, neither of you should give up easily on your love nor give in to pressure. Some parents tend to test the strength of children’s love relationship. If you want love to win, be courageous & firm, yet soft-mannered & gentle with your speech & your ways to your parents, sometimes silence works rather than a hasty decision of giving up your love due to pressure(and undue suffering later). Remember, your parents also want your happiness, it is just that they may have a different perspective of happiness for you.
    --And having your parents meet the partners parents is a nice idea, as long as they realize and be prepared that it can turn out either way, many things can go right and many things can go wrong. So, one should not come to a major decision(of giving up) in just one meeting especially when considering some relationships of long duration or even intense love with short duration periods. If pride, sentiments and strong emotions of both sides of the parents are placed aside, one may be able to pursue the talks even after the first refusal, since some partner’s parents tend to agree after giving them a considerable amount of time and after making a favorable impression to them.
    --And both the respective offspring of parents should try to calm,soften, influence, pacify their own parents, especially when they are in a tiff with your partner or your partners parents
    --Communication is essential, not just with your parents but also with your partner on a daily basis, so there are no mishaps or loop holes.


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