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Please help us in doing intercaste marriage(marwadi girl & telugu guy)


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    Please help us in doing intercaste marriage(marwadi girl & telugu guy)


    I am 28 years old Hyderabad guy. My girl is 27 , Rajasthan marawadi . We are in relation from last five years. We both are well settled in careers. There is no problem financially. My parents also accepted our relation.

    Only problem is girl's father. Her father is having problem with caste... and he is very stubborn on caste issue... He clearly told her that I cannot let my daughter to marry a guy outside agrawal community... if you want to do... go and marry.. but don't come back...

    And her parents started emotional blackmail by saying... if u do run away marriage... we cant live here... evryone will say bad about us... either we have to die.. or leave this town...
    Daily her mom will call and say... ur dad is crying like anything .... plz unka tabiyat karab ho jayega... papa ki baat manlo...

    By listening all these... my girl's situation became very worse... she even saying I cant give this much pain to my parents.... I will do any sacrifices for them.. I will take any pain for them..

    Plz suggest me.. how can i convince my gal.. or how can i convince her dad.... Even her family members came to my house.. ad they talked with us for relation... but when it is about fix... her dad started saying she cant let her go in outside caste...

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    please advise me.... this situation looks like almost deadlock...

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    See convincing parents is the most difficult challange you face in a love relationship. If you are through with this, half of the battle is won. In your case,if her parents are really adamant of marrying her to you and there is no possible way you can think of in convincing them, then obviously there is no chance.

    I don't suggest you to elope and marry as it will put eveybody in trouble. If your parents, your family is convinced with this marriage, you can give another try to it. Take your parents to her house and let the elders do the talking. Sometimes parents dont understand their child's emotions, his or her seriousness to the relationship or his/her love. Get to understand that every parent wnt their daughter to be happy physically, mentally, financially, emotionally and this is what you have to affirm with them that you are the only one who can keep her happy in ways better they can think of.

    So take your parents to her house for some really serious discussion. You know make things serious enough that they are compelled to believe in your love, that they get compelled to understand and respect you as an individual and your love for her. If there is some serious reason for them rejecting the relationship, get to know it and assure them that you will take care of it in every possible way.

    That is all you can do. It takes a lot of time but what matters is you need to act according to what their viewpoint is. Get to know the reason and focus on it only. A bit of emotional and practical thinking will do.
    All The Best !!!
    Take Care !!!

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