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Missing Post


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    manojbhagat is offline eTI Iron

    Missing Post

    Hi guys....just yesterday i had been to this forum and had seen a post regarding an external HDD...it was priced at 4.5k and i want to buy it now....but i am unable to find the link of that...i have forgotten what site that was and also the brand of it...i want to buy it for my PS3...i also tried searching on this forum....please let me know fast guys..

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    That post is not missing, its been deleted because it was clearly made to promote an online retail store. Here on eTI we do not allow promotions this way, if one is interested he can advertise with us. Or if its your own website then we are generous to allow link to your site in your signature, it will be then visible on every posts made by you.

    Also, post is moved to user support section.

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    manojbhagat is offline eTI Iron
    Ok Admin...is there any way through PM or something else that you can give me the link from where i can buy that hdd...or else you can even give me the name of that online retailer i will search for it myself

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    Aarish Rizvi
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    No yahoo this is internal...i want a purely external HDD as i want to use it for office work and will have to take it in some meetings as well
    BTW i found the link Western Digital Elements 1TB USB 3.0 External Hard Drive
    But the price has increased to 4.9k
    Still a good deal Will be getting it today.

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    Good ..


  7. Advert.

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