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Next prime minister of india 2014


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    akcent1957 is offline Just in!

    Next prime minister of india 2014

    who will be next prime minister of INDIA and will he be a nominated or elected

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    Aarish Rizvi's Avatar
    Aarish Rizvi
    Aarish Rizvi is offline eTI Bronze
    Wow that is a good question, I am not sure who can be next PM, but if Congress shows good strenght in next election then Rahul Gandhi could be next PM of India. But if any other party comes in dominance then not sure.. it can be anyone.

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    Anand mohan's Avatar
    Anand mohan
    Anand mohan is offline eTI Copper
    It seems like Narendra Modi will hit the target of being the new PM.

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    Rajatk is offline Newbie
    every body want narebra modi but the rahul gandi having strong powers so its depend upon us. which one is best and which one is fake



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    tulaipaul is offline Newbie

    Thumbs down Clear Trend on Narendra Modi

    As per the indications of the opinion polls, the trend is clearly showing in favor of Narendra Modi.

    Moreover, the seemingly Congress party could not find the right strategy to combat the Modi wave which is swelling to a roar.

    The question of regional leaders should never be enouraged as we have seen the fate of cobbled up Government in the past.

    It should not be also worried that if Modi assumes the office of the Prime Minister, India will witness another Ayodhya or Godhra, as we have seen a positive glimpses in Bajpayee regime.

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    shinasehgal is offline eTI Member
    whoever is going to become a prime minister of india in future that person should improve the current status of india.

  7. Advert.

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    rakash is offline eTI Member
    My point of view, narendra Modi will get PM post...

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    Tousif is offline eTI Member
    I don't care who becomes Prime Minister but anyone who becomes PM should work for welfare of India , should remove caste discrimination and also should work against reservation in jobs, studies in India.

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