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Micromax 110 - Phone is over Current Protection - remove battery problem


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    Adi Mehta's Avatar
    Adi Mehta
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    Micromax 110 - Phone is over Current Protection - remove battery problem

    Few days ago I purchased micromax A110 and I liked this phone but today suddenly I am facing problem and I am getting following message when I try to recharge.

    You phone is over current protection
    Please remove the battery.

    It charges well for 10-15 min and then stops charing and this message shows. I am using stock charger which came with micromax A110 super phone canvas 2 .. this phone.

    Also I am not using phone when it is being charged...

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    Shirantha is offline eTI Member
    Hi, I have seen other person facing this problem. Try to make sure that there is no power fluctuation in your house as from feedback from many user, this problem seems to be related to power fluctuations.

    Also, when you try using USB charging through computer, do you get this message that time too ?

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    Mak Dabra
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    Post i have same problem help me

    hey i have bought micromax a110 2 weeks ago but today when m charging it,... it shows the battery is overcurrent position plz remove the battery.. i dont know why it happens plz help me....

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    Shirantha is offline eTI Member
    Hi dear, it is not a problem with phone but it is problem with power supply. Just try it in other house or place. Please also tell me if it is solved or not.

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    jayesh patil
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    Question Same problem with USB Micromax over protection

    Same problem with USB Macromax A110 your battery haveing over protection please remoov battery...!!!!

    Please help on this

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    Topic merged with existing discussion.
    @ Jayesh Patil, have you tried using it another place as suggested in this thread ?

  7. Advert.

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    sweeteen_divya is offline Just in!

    Same problem at every place i try to charge my phone

    i face the problem atleast once a day and its happened atleast once at every differenc location or plug points i use.. Whether its at home, office or somewhere else... whats the solution ? And do i really need to remove battery and insert again everytime i get this alert?

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    Aarish Rizvi's Avatar
    Aarish Rizvi
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    That is weirdo , have you tried a new charger , I think you should visit service center and get your charger and phone checked from them.

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