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Why life spam of SSD (solid state hard drives) are so short ?


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    Adi Mehta
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    Why life spam of SSD (solid state hard drives) are so short ?

    I am these days researching to upgrade my hard drive laptop and I am considering SSD but apart of their high price , I read their life span is very short. Please tell me why they degrades so fast and why their life is so short even when they are way costly than normal hard drive.

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    Aarish Rizvi
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    Even I wonder why so but I think it is because of the technology they use, it shouln't be used for high read / write environment but only for situation where you need speed. But if I think if you are average user then you can safely use SSD as it will last around 5 year and that is more than average life of a PC.

    The main reason they die earlier is that their flash material wore out with time and use .. thats it and it happens with all the thing.

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