Hi everyone,
i have a big query and i would like to share it here, since i got all my answers with best description here only. I have my name as **** and i just dislike my name very much i just don't want it. Nor do i like my surname as well. Let me share with you all some of my personal harassment that i suffer from my childhood till my college days and the same is going where i am working also. I have such a name similar like a abusing word in hindi and people around my circle keep harassing me with that name and i don't like to further continue with that name. Now, at last i just make up my mind and then i decided to change my name from everywhere from all my certificates to everything. So, I would request if any body tell what is the process of changes the name all certificates. Is choice centre is authorized for changes the name ?

Now i want to change my name to some XYZ as i don't like my name.I want to change it on all my educational certificates and organization records.

Where do i get the fill up form also?

Can you please tell me the steps i need to follow for changing my name? and also please tell me how many days it takes to gets changed on all records?

Please, do reply!!