From the Sources and fiscal projections, some of the analysts have put together a report which indicates the price tag for the next generation gaming consoles from Sony and Microsoft. It is expected that the Next Xbox and Play Station will be rolled out at a price tag for $350-400, these are the predicted prices.

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The word comes from Baird Equity Research in a report done up by Games Aside from pricing, the analysts also suggest that the next Xbox will drop in November of this year (probably) and the PlayStation 4 will release in October as per the expectations . They also indicate these consoles will feature with high-end PC gaming components and a blend of physical and digital distribution.

It’s always fun to cover these analyst predictions, especially when it comes to something as open-ended as console pricing. There’s obviously no “right” answer in this guessing game, but the $350-400 range sounds about right for the next generation of systems from Microsoft and Sony.