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Malyali girl and Telugu boy - Convince parents for marriage!


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    Malyali girl and Telugu boy - Convince parents for marriage!


    I am a 26 year old girl. My boyfriend and I work in the same company but at different locations. Professionally we both are well-qualified and financially also we both are stable and independent.
    I am a malayali and my boyfriend is telugu.We both belong to the same religion. My parents have been searching for a match for me since the past 2 years. I had told my parents about my boyfriend when they had started with my match-making process.
    As I stay in a different city, I had to tell about my boyfriend to my parents over a phone call. I told my parents that I really love my boyfriend and I want to marry him. I told them about his good professional and family background too. They refused to accept it stating that we belong to different societies and cultural background. My dad is very adamant and says that he will lose respect in this society if I go for love marriage with a non-malayali. My mom said that they would not be able to communicate with his parents at all,as they do not speak any common language. My parents know hindi,english and malayalam and his parents know telugu and can understand english a bit.My parents took this entire incident as a matter of disgrace.
    My boyfriend has not told his parents about us yet, as we had mutually decided to approach my family first and convince them and later approach his family. But as it failed at my house itself, we could not take the talks further to his house.
    Now even after 2 years, my parents are still searching for a groom for me. I and my boyfriend discuss daily regarding ways of solving this problem. We are not able to find a solution for the problem of language barrier.
    We both know that we cannot live without each other. He is the only person who can make me smile in the saddest moments. We both know that we will not be able to live without each other.
    Since last 2 years I have not mentioned about my boyfriend at home. My parents know that he is still a very close friend of mine. If I mention this at home now, they will feel I was cheating them for the past 2 years.
    We do not want to elope and get married.. We want to get married with our parents' consent.
    Could someone please help us... Please suggest some way in which we can approach our parents.

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    Someone please help us.. we are really running short of time

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    Hi NeedHelp,

    Your problem is similar in nature to many others here on the forum. Please browse through the forum to look for a problem similar in nature as yours and learn from the advises given there.
    Still, if you feel unsatisfied, your problem will be addressed independently.
    All The Best !!!
    Take Care !!!

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    Try telling to your guy's parents and see what their reaction is.You will have to tell them at some point,why not now? As your parents havent budged this is the only unexplored avenue.If they are supportive then it might ease up the situation a bit.They might take an initiative to talk to your parents some how.
    Good Luck.

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    May I know what happened after this? I also have the same issue. for me my parents agreed. Still trying to convince her parents.

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