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Is Education about Scoring marks or Gaining Knolwedge ?


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    Is Education about Scoring marks or Gaining Knolwedge ?

    what really an education means scoring marks or gaining knowledge...?

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    Anand mohan
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    Hi navvin Welcome to eTi,
    I think education is for gaining knowledge, information and sharpening you skills and talent. Scoring marks is secondary thought, when you recieve education in the field of your choice then you will obviously score high marks.
    Thank you!
    Anand Mohan

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    Hi Navin,
    Education definitely means gaining knowledge and sharpening your skills and talent and knowing your hidden talents and skills and making them sharpened to win the world, just as anand said.
    But here in India we have a very different meaning of education as we know, Indians are always running behind marks and all the parents just wants their child to top the schools and college examinations with 90 and above grades, so everybody here runs behind getting marks by mugging up every possible thing and not even understanding a single thing, if you go and ask any particular student any reasoning or meaning of any particular topic, his reaction will be " I do not know what does it mean, teacher has taught me and I have mugged it up". why to understand meaning, everybody here runs behind success and not excellence and that is where India is lacking if we compare MBA students from India and America.

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