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Help skinny and suggest vegeterian diet plan to gain weight


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    Unhappy Help skinny and suggest vegeterian diet plan to gain weight

    Hi am a girl of 5.25" height weighing only 40kgs.Please suggest me a suitable diet plan as am a vegetarian.
    Please do try to help me as am fed up being called as skinny.....

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    Aarish Rizvi
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    You have not mentioned your age, anyways, loosing weight or gaining weight can be easy if one is following a balanced and controlled lifestyle which also include diet. You can not just gain weight by eating too much, you have to maintain a balance between activity and food you need.

    Also, being skinny and underweight can also indicate some underlying health problem, so make sure you are healthy enough. The path gain weight include following thins:

    1. Include physical activity in your lifestyle which stimulates your whole body.
    2. Before and after physical activity (and in between too) take good amount of energy and carbs rich food along with protein rich diet.
    3. Never skip meal,
    4. Take short meal ie. instead of eating thrice a day , eat 6 times a day with small gaps and small meal.
    5. Don't go for fat rich food those advised, just maintain balance but avoid.
    6. Include lots of fibre in your food like green

    In nutshell, if you are healthy and taking balanced diet then you will automatically get ideal weight.

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