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Do Dreams come true


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    ramyakaushik is offline Just in!

    Do Dreams come true

    Hello friends !!!

    The word"Dream" is a mystery to everyone and its a strange thing one has during his or her sleep.People of different countries have different views on Dreams . Some take them as the blessings from ancestors ,some believe it to be the blessings of god for healing. The second most thing that we do on a day is sleeping . We bring our mind , heart, spirit to oneness and when we bring all the ideas , thoughts , fancy things of the day into one world of imagination its called a "Dream".

    Staying up all night is a waste of sleeping, and a waste of sleeping is a waste of dreaming, and dreaming is important because the more dreams you have, the better chance you have of one coming true.

    Beleive in your dreams they may come true and beleive in yourselve they will come true.Young people dream most things at their age but do they achieve in everything is a big question. Somewhere over the rainbow there is blue sky and some of the many dreams that we dream come true through our strong actions .But they come true only through your strenous strong efforts .What you think and have in your heart reflects as dreams . Make yourself clear of what is your need and be clear in thoughts then your dremas are true .

    what can one dream about ?
    People can dream about anything life , friends , college , work, status , about a new country anything .Mother dreams about her children , Father dreams about his Job and family , Kid dreams about wonderland, women dreams about love Government people dream about the country and artists dreams about awards .Will all this come true without efforts ?For people who dreams great things and who work hard on it will achieve the dreams .If federer has this many titles in his pocket because he dreamt and worked on it . It is because of the Scientist's dream we have lot of medicines for rare diseases and because of Bill Gates 's dream we have a new Microsoft and more than all through people's dream we see a new economy.Thus dreams can be true only through confident action.Your dreams come true when you act to turn them into realities.

    I hope youngster of this century dream about good things and try to achieve them and enable the world a better place to live.

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    MSL is offline eTI Member

    Re: Do Dreams come true

    i left school long time ago but year ago i started dreaming that i am in a class studying and i had the same dream over and over and now i'm studying from home.

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    vinny235 is offline Newbie

    Re: Do Dreams come true

    What you refer to are probably not dreams in the sub conscious mind, but rather in the real conscious mind, when we are fully alert and awake. To interpret what we dream while sleeping is another topic for discussion altogether, and it may or may not reflect our true aspirations. But yes, we should dream (or rather day dream ) and for things which will bring good to us and all around us.cheers!

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    smart1590 is offline Newbie

    Re: Do Dreams come true

    its very true friends===
    all will come true...
    """"if we have a will and confidence to achieve our goals""""

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    ssdengle is offline Just in!

    Re: Do Dreams come true

    Yes for any thing you have to dream first.
    Without Dream nothing is possible.Because Dreaming for somthing is the first step.And also you should dream Big.

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    rock_amol is offline eTI Iron

    Re: Do Dreams come true

    Yes True Commitment You Have

    see more Details

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    nkgrock is offline Newbie

    Re: Do Dreams come true

    Dreaming is not enough, ti should be implemented to make them true

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    meenaxi is offline Just in!
    I loved your article... if anyone is interested to know about the origins of dreams and also how to interpret them then please do pick up Sigmund Freud's book 'Dream Interpretations'. i had a great time reading it...

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    arna is offline Newbie
    Trying to interpret dreams is tough.But its a natural process of thought of the sub-conscious mind to keep reminding us about something important and sometimes about some-kind of a necessity in one's life. Daring to dream is as difficult as it is to make it come true. Most important aspect that a dream tells us is about the platform from where everything has to start and i think that is the most important thing we need...... as most of us have a starting problem. But once we know what to do we just go ahead to achieve it !!

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    KUSHAGAR DUBEY is offline Just in!
    dreams just not only mean the beautiful stories that we see while we are sleeping , but they are basically showing our personality and thoughts of ourself and what we think about others and the society ....dreams are our goals , ambitions but unfortunately in this rescpective society we can't complete our dreams ...of chossing our goal and ambition in life on the basis of what we've got inside ourselves ....dreams are everything if anyone can fullfill them...

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